Active 12 features overview

Active 12 - Whats in the box

How to view the map on the Active 10 or Active 12 GPS device

Connecting a Bluetooth Smart device to the Active 12

Active 12 Data Transfer

Active 12 Barometric Altimeter Calibration

How to use a ProSHIELD Case for an Active 10

How to remove a Battery Caddy and Replace it with a Lipol Battery

How to remove a Satmap Bike Mount from your bike

How to install a Satmap Bike Mount onto your bike


How to take a screen cover off the Satmap Active 10 device

How to put a screen cover on the Satmap Active 10 device

Xpedition 2 Tutorial Videos - 

Xpedition 2 - How To Create a Route and Save a Route

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