Toggleable Mapping Service


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Key Features

  • Toggleable Mapping Feature



Quick Overview

The toggling function allows you to switch easily between different map scales on an SD card by pressing one button. Our Toggleable Mapping Service allows customers to update their older map cards with this function.

Product Description

This service is for customers that own older Satmap map cards that don't have the toggling function enabled.

This service allows us to activate the toggle feature on map cards that have more than one mapping layer of the same area. After the completion of the service you will then be able to switch between map scales/layers seamlessly. This service can be combined with the Map Consolidation Service to take mapping data from multiple SD cards, with the result being one SD card containing all of your maps in an easy to manage fully toggleable format.

Please note: some older Active 10 units may require software/platform/hardware updates to support the toggling function.

Further Information

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What is the toggle function?

Toggling allows you to flick between two map scales of the same area. Rather than zooming all the way into the 1:25,000 scale for example, or all the way out to the 1:50,000 scale, you can jump between one scale and another at the click of a button!


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