the photos is matched with the location information
POI warning radius.
Navigation Overlay Service has been developed
from the GPS unit. (Use the geotagging application
by the European Space Agency (ESA) for safety of
in SatSYNC).
air navigation. It is part of the Galileo project. When
Arbitrary reference point (for AOIs/LOIs/Grids)
a signal is available (which is only in the south of
GLONASS. A space-based navigation system
Automatically generated (set) point within or on an
England and mainland Europe), this signal improves
comparable to the American GPS system.
AOI/LOI/Grid. It is used as a reference point in the
the accuracy of signals from the GPS system.
Developed by the former Soviet Union and now
following instances:
operated for the Russian government by the
• As a GoTo point
Electronic compass. Uses magnetic fields
Russian Space Forces.
• As a 'POI' in data boxes
to calculate accurate compass bearings whilst
• When using the Pointer
GoTo point. A set point which acts as a target. It
• When using the Centre on Map button

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