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ProSHIELD: Silicone Protective Case (Orange, Active 10/12)

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Quick Overview

The ProSHIELD (orange) is a silicone rubber protective case for your Satmap Active 10 or Active 12 unit that dramatically improves impact resistance and offers fantastic protection against water, dirt and dust.

Product Description

The ProSHIELD is a silicone rubber protective case that fits snugly around the Satmap Active 10 or Active 12 unit. It has been designed to provide increased impact protection for the device, allowing it to survive drops of up to 3m onto concrete.
It also provides additional environmental protection against water and dust (IP67), making it ideal for users operating in extreme conditions or simply wanting another layer of protection for their Satmap GPS.

Please note: IP67 = Total dust ingress protection, and immersion in water between 15cm and 1m depth for up to 30 minutes. The ProSHIELD fits snugly around the device (which ensures the case is waterproof). To ensure the fitting is air tight, only a Satmap GPS with a Standard Battery Back should be used with the ProSHIELD. A Slimline Battery Back or Mount Battery Back will not fit correctly, so this cannot be used with the Bike Mount (see our ProSHIELD BIKE for added protection when cycling)

Colour: Orange (Black version also available)

ProSHIELD Variant: Standard. (Bike version also available - see ProSHEILD BIKE product)


Default Category Posted on Wed 26th Nov 2014
Waited some time before I bought one of these as I thought they were expensive.
I knew that I would buy one eventually so decided better late than never what prompted me most to buy it was simply that I had on more than one occasion left my satmap on a rock and walked off. Then searching for it and not knowing where it was is very difficult so I chose the bright orange one.
This really does do the job but the bonus is since having it fitted some months ago I have not had to purchase any screen savers and at

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