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Satmap MapCard: Canada / Yukon (NRCT 50k)

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  • 1:50k
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Quick Overview

Satmap map card covering Yukon (Natural Resources Canada 1:50k)
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Product Description

Yukon is the smallest of Canada's three territories and is named after the vast Yukon River. Like its neighbours Alaska and British Columbia, Yukon is a very mountainous region and is home to Canada's tallest mountain, Mount Logan at 5,959 metres. Yukon is a very sparsely populated region and endures Arctic and sub-arctic weather conditions, with long cold winters and a very short summer. The majority of Yukon's tourist trade is driven by its pristine scenery. Canoe and Kayaking is popular on the many lakes and rivers in the region as well winter sports including backcountry skiing and dog sledding. Yukon boasts varied cultural and sporting events throughout the year with opportunities to experience the pre-colonial lifestyles of Yukon's First Nations.

This map card contains:

•Natural Resources Canada 1:50,000 scale topographic map

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