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Vehicle Mount (Active 10/12)



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Quick Overview

The Satmap Vehicle Mount enables the use of a Satmap GPS device in a motor vehicle. The vehicle mount can be fixed to a windscreen, flat smooth surface or self-adhesive disc.
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Product Description

The Vehicle Mount has been designed for use with all Satmap GPS devices in motor vehicles and is suitable for any windscreen, flat smooth surface or self-adhesive disc. This product can be used in off-road vehicles where navigation on accurate topographical mapping is essential and for general motoring where a digital topographical map is preferred over the more common vector mapping.

The Vehicle Mount is a tough unit with a strong vacuum-type suction cup and can be adjusted and rotated at three different points for maximum visibility and comfort. The vehicle mount is totally rigid, and of fixed length. It has 2 screw adjusters to allow for correct positioning at any angle.The Vehicle Mount contains all of the components you need to attach ta Satmap device to the mount and includes:

• Vehicle Mount GPS Adapter plate
• T section battery back Mounting plate

The Satmap Vehicle Mount is an adapted Herbert Richter Global 8 Tower System which comes with a Satmap GPS adapter plate and a T-section Bike Back to replace the standard Battery Back on the Satmap GPS device.