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Power Bundle (Active 10/12)



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Quick Overview

The Satmap Standard Power Bundle includes a 2700mAh rechargable LiPol battery, USB cable, wall charger with multi region interchangeable heads and a car charger. This power bundle is compatible with both the Satmap Active 10 and Active 12 devices.
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Product Description

For the longest possible duration, the Lithium Polymer is the battery of choice. Specifically designed for the Satmap Active 10 and Active 12, the chemistry in this battery is optimised for long duration over a wide range of temperatures & conditions.

There are two power options available for use with the Active 10 and Active 12, allowing you to choose the one which suits your needs best. AA batteries give you the flexibility to carry spares and easily swap them half way round a walk, whereas the Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries increase battery life by around 30%, and could end up being more cost effective when the unit is used on a regular basis. Whichever option you choose, it is always advisable to remember the power saving tips to get the most from your battery (see the User Guide).

The Standard Power Bundle comes complete with:

• LiPol 2,700mAh battery
• Wall charger with multi-country interchangeable heads (UK, EUR),
• Car charger
• USB cable

Satmap Active 10 and Active 12 devices can be recharged using this bundle via the USB cable from Laptops, PC's, 110/240V wall sockets, and 12V cigarette lighter sockets.