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Satmap MapCard: Bern (SwissTopo 25k & 50k)



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Maps Scale

  • 1:25k
  • 1:50k

Map Format

  • Swiss Topo
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Quick Overview

Satmap map card covering Bern (Swisstopo 1:25k & 1:50K)
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Product Description

Switzerland is famous as the alpine country at the heart of the Alps. It is one of the richest countries by GDP and both Zurich and Geneva are considered to offer among the best quality of life in the world. The long tradition of Swiss neutrality has helped preserve the architectural heritage and natural environment, making Switzerland a major tourist attraction in both summer and winter. The striking beauty of Lake Geneva and Lake Constance contrast with the rugged mountains the Eiger, Junfrau and of course the Eiger, whose North Face has become synonymous with extreme mountaineering.

This MapCard contains:

Topographical Switzerland SwissTopo 1:25,000 & 1:50,000

Topographical Switzerland SwissTopo Base Mapping: 1:200,000

Road map of the whole of Switzerland and 1:1 million road map or Europe

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