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Satmap MapCard: Netherlands Whole (Kadaster 50k)

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  • 1:50k
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Quick Overview

Satmap map card covering the whole of The Netherlands (Kadaster 1:50k)
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Product Description

The Netherlands in North-western Europe has a beautiful coastline over 400km long. Best known for bicycles, windmills and colourful tulip fields, it is also home to a great variety of landscapes. Ranging from pristine beaches to dense forests, from sandy dunes, to heaths and fens, each region has a unique appeal. Twenty national parks and many more nature reserves scattered over the country harbour a wealth of rare or unusual plants and animals. With more bicycles than residents and around 17,000 km of clearly marked special lanes, cycling in Holland is a way of life. An extensive network of walking routes offers walking trails through rural areas and cities. Amsterdam, with its stunning 17th century canals, Rotterdam with one of the world's largest ports or The Hague with its famous miniature city, are just some of the cities well worth a visit.

This map card contains:

•Topographical Kadaster 1:50,000
•Base mapping: Collins Bartholomew Limited 1:1 million road map of Europe

Further Information

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Map Scales Explained

When choosing a map card it’s important to choose the right scale for your needs. While all our maps look good on both the Active 10 and Active 12, they are used for different purposes.

Kadaster Information

Kadaster are a Dutch governmental organisation who produces mapping data for the Netherlands. One of Kadaster’s purposes is to provide high quality and accurate data such as mapping. We take advantage of this to produce map cards covering the entire Netherlands – currently we have map cards covering the whole of the Netherlands at 1:50k, the south of the Netherlands at 1:25k, and the north at 1:25k.