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Sweden - Kungsleden National Trail 100k

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Key Features

  • Toggleable Mapping Feature

Maps Scale

  • 1:100k
  • 1:250k
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Quick Overview

Satmap map card Sweden Kungsleden National Trail (GSD 1:100k)
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Product Description

Sweden's legendary Kungsleden National Trail (King's Trail) is approximately 430 km (270 miles) in length. The trail stretches from Abisko National Park in the north (Swedish Lapland) all the way down to the mountain ski village of Hemavan in the south. Known as the hiker's highway for Lapland you can expect to witness spectacular scenery within the Kaitum mountains and National Parks of Sarek and Padjelanta. The trail is supported by a well-maintained system of mountain stations and huts. The highest point is Tjakta Pass (1150m) and the lowest is at Kvikkjokk (305m).

A GPX route file of the whole trail is included on the map card.This map card contains: Topographical Lantmäteriet 1:100,000 map of the Kungsleden National Trail Topographical Lantmäteriet 1:250,000 of the whole of Sweden Collins Bartholomew Limited 1:1 million road map of Europe

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