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Satmap MapCard: Hesse & Saarland & Rhineland-Palatinate (ADV 25k)



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Maps Scale

  • 1:100k
  • 1:25k
  • 1:50k

Map Format

  • Satmap Adventure MapCard
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Quick Overview

Satmap map card covering the whole of Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland using our Satmap Adventure topographical maps
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Product Description

We have just released 8 regions covering the whole of Germany using our new Satmap Adventure Map data.

Our Satmap Adventure map data is based on OpenStreetMap data and has helped us to create a customized layer designed for our device and our customer’s needs, which is exclusive to Satmap customers.

To find out what features are included in the Adventure Map please click here.

The map card is a must have with it being designed specifically for the Satmap GPS devices, it is perfect for walkers, cyclists and every outdoor enthusiast.

This map card contains the whole of Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland using our Satmap Adventure topographical map data at the scales below -

• Topographical Adventure map 1:25k
• Topographical Adventure map 1:50k
• Topographical Adventure map 1:100k

Our Adventure map is a recreational map, which has been compiled using the community generated OpenStreetMap (OSM) database therefore Satmap are not responsible for the accuracy and maintenance of the map data and some areas will be more detailed than others.

Further Information

Below are some relevant linked articles from our knowledge centre that you might find useful.

What is Satmap Adventure Layer?

This new mapping layer is exclusive to Satmap and designed specifically for our user’s needs featuring main street names, walking and cycling routes, hilltop names, contours and much more. More information on what data is supplied on the Satmap Adventure map cards can be found on the maps legend

What is The Adventure Layers Legend?

The brand new Satmap Adventure Layer has a new legend for it too, which you can view for yourself right here

Maps © Thunderforest
Data © contributors OpenStreetMap