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OS 1:10K : FREE

OS 1:25k & 1:50k Subscriptions

450 Optional Global Maps

Great Planning Features 

The Ultimate Navigation App The best mobile mapping

Satmap Xplorer GPS, the new advanced adventure mapping app, for all your adventures; hike, bike, run, walk, and much more. Outstanding hi-res topographic map quality from many National providers including, Ordnance Survey, HARVEY map, SwissTopo, IGN France, and many more, complete with powerful planning tools. Multi-route planning for outdoor activities that can be easily organised and sent to any GPS device.

High-quality topographic mapping

Providing detailed optional mapping in the following regions:

- Ordnance Survey, Explorer 1:25k - full GB coverage
- Ordnance Survey, Landranger 1:50k - full GB coverage
- Global topographic - Satmap Adventure mapping
- GB National Parks - HARVEY mapping
- Global aerialGermany - BKG, DAV
- Austria - BEV, DAV
- Switzerland - SwissTopo
- Alps - DAV (German and Austrian Alpine Club)
- Italy - Komass ans Sat ADV mapping
- France - IGN
- Norway, Sweden, Finland- National agencies
- Netherlands - Kadaster Spain -  Alpina
- Custom Mapping - Please contact us 

Global Snap-to-Track functionality

Choose your start and end point and how you will be travelling (bike, walking etc.) Our map will show you the best routes so you don’t end up on dangerous motorways when walking or on pedestrian-only routes when on a bike.

Snap-to-footpath • Snap-to-bike path • Snap-to-road

Import and Export Routes - Easily

Import and export the universal GPX route files from and to Xpedition2, and smarthone sources at the touch of a button. Route sharing has never been easier. 

To Import from Xpedition2 - just tap the "Quick Start" button, or from a smartphone source just use the "Open with" phone feature. To export to Xpedition2 just use the direct upload feature, or to any other platform (WhatsApp, e-mail, DropBox, etc.) - just use the standard phone "Share" feature.

Save and Organise - Local, Online or Both

Store and arrange all your adventures in fully flexible folder structures.

These can either be Local (on your smartphone or tablet), or Online (in the cloud on the Xpedition2 server), or onboth - you choose.

The perfect companion to your Satmap Xpedition2 Planner

Use Xplorer GPS App on any good Smartphone and Tablet; Apple or Android
Plan Routes on Xpedtion2 and share with Xplorer GPS App and Active 10/12/20 GPS devices (and all other devices that support the universal GPX file format)

Advanced planning features

Plan multiple routes, points of interests (POI’s), or shapes easily. Quickly edit and reverse routes. Other features include change map during edit, change zoom level and change map centre.

Go Premium on Xpedition 2 for great planning features and OS 1:25k on Xplorer GPS App

The premium version of Xpedition costs just £40 per year and includes all of the free account features as well as:

- Online High Res OS 1:25k & 1:50k data
- Downloadable OS 1:25k & 1:50k data on Xplorer GPS App
- International mapping
- Automatic Map Selection Snap to Track / Bike / Road
- Create points of interest (POI’s)
- Elevation Profile
- Location Search File import
- Up to 50% off on our outdoor brand partners
- Export GPX and TCX files 

Great offers of up to 50% Off well-known Outdoor brands

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