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Software Updates

Software Updates

Due to a migration of servers, software updates are unavailable with older versions of SatSYNC.


Software Information

In order to get the most out of your Satmap GPS device, it is important you keep your software up to date on both the GPS unit and the supporting applications. As new features are developed and upgrades become available, Satmap will release these to all its customers. These upgrades will be available as downloads from the website or can be accessed via SatSYNC.

We do not have a set schedule for updates, therefore the best way to stay informed is to make sure to be signed up for our monthly newsletter and our social media pages for all the latest updates on our new products, software updates, special offers and interesting news items. Both of which can be completed via the links at the bottom of every page.

GPS Devices

We listen to our customers and take all feedback seriously. Wherever possible we incorporate this feedback into our software, resulting in new features and new functionality. By ensuring your Satmap GPS devices are always running the latest software you will get the most out of the unit and it will be able to help you navigate in the great outdoors better. All of the device software is managed through SatSYNC which will inform you automatically when an update is available when the device is connected via the USB cable. To see our update histories please click on the links below;


Active 20 Application Software Version History (update via Wi-Fi, or SatSYNC)

Active 20 Platform Firmware Version History (update via Wi-Fi, or SatSYNC)


Active 12 Software Version History (update via SatSYNC)

Active 10 Software Version History (update via SatSYNC)


SatSYNC is a free software application that allows your computer to recognize the Satmap GPS devices when they are plugged into the USB. Once connected this allows you to manage the files on the device and complete software updates. For more information including version histories please visit our SatSync information page.



Updates for the Xpedition service will occur automatically when you log into your account and therefore do not require any user input. You can see the date of the last update in the bottom left hand corner of the map in the ‘planner’ mode.


Product Registration

It is important that you register your GPS device as soon as you receive it via our Xpedition service. This requires an Xpedition account however this free to create and easy to set up. In the event the device becomes lost or stolen we then have a record of the history of the device and can use this information if the device is subsequently found. Please note that the product registration cannot be used as the proof of purchase.