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SatSYNC Version History

Software Version History For SatSYNC

Changes in version 1.525

  • Added support for GPX version 1.0.1.
  • Resolved an issue with 6- and 8-digit OS Grid References in tab delimited text files
  • Resolved an issue which excluded photos from certain POIs imported from Google Earth
  • Resolved an issue with the automatic assignment of POI icons for some additional geocaching waypoints
  • Resolved an issue which prevented certain XOL files from being imported

Changes in version 1.520

  • Resolved an issue with the automatic assignment of POI icons to certain geocaches
  • Resolved an issue which prevented spoiler photos from being included in imported geocaches
  • Resolved an issue which prevented some files from being imported

Changes in version 1.514

  • Added support for areas and lines in GPX files from Satmap Xpedition
  • HTML tags now preserved when exporting .map files as tab delimited text files
  • Resolved an issue which prevented folders from being deleted recursively
  • Resolved an issue which prevented some photos in exported KMZ files from appearing in Google Earth

Changes in version 1.501

  • Added support for (PGPSW) CSV files
  • Added a setting [OOIs - General(Import)] on how to import/convert CSV files
  • Added a setting to select the data in a KMZ file when exporting a converted track
  • Improved communication between SatSYNC and the Updates Server
  • Enhanced supported for LOC files by including the difficulty and terrain properties of a geocache if available
  • Switched to a more reliable provider of height data (optional)
  • Various minor improvements

Changes in version 1.500

    Build 0160
  • Maps hidden to prevent accidental deletion
  • Various minor improvements
  • Build 0152
  • Height data can now be downloaded up to 20 times faster when importing routes and/or OOIs (optional)
  • Files and folders can be sorted by name or size
  • Resolved various minor issues
  • Build 0101
  • Drag and drop from SatSYNC to SatSYNC, and from PC to SatSYNC now available
  • Go To Satmap now takes you to your local Satmap website
  • Improved support for tab delimited text files
  • Improved support for TCX files
  • Better handling of images with bad links
  • Build 0069
  • New, resizable user interface that allows you to:
    • Easily browse folders
    • Move the separator between the right-hand pane and left-hand pane left or right to suit your needs
    • Maximise the SatSYNC window
  • Folder Management (only applicable to units running Platform 21 or higher):
    • Delete folders recursively
    • Export folders recursively
    • Import folders recursively by dragging them from your computer and dropping them in the right-hand pane
  • Active 10 Upgrades (Internet connection required)
    • Check for updates online (see the Help Menu)
    • Re-install software if your unit is in recovery mode (see the Help Menu)
    • A restart is not required after an upgrade if the customer’s unit is running version 1.5.6632.0 or higher
  • Active 10 Status now called About My Active 10 under the Help Menu
  • SatSYNC Upgrades: you can manually check for updates in addition the automatic checks which are regularly carried out by SatSYNC
  • Refresh: when you use the Active 10 to modify routes or OOI, or take screenshots while it is already connected to SatSYNC, open the folder where the changes occurred and click on the Refresh button to see changes.
  • Export routes and OOIs (AOIs, LOIs, POIs) in the native Google Earth KMZ format
    • Ensure you are running Google Earth (In Google Earth go to Help → Check for Updates Online)
    • Best export format if your OOIs contain rich text and pictures
    • Geocaches originally imported from GPX files transform the GC code into a link to the cache’s webpage
    • When exporting a track (.map file) created by the Active 10 (Convert Trial to Track):
    • The trip log is also exported and can be viewed as POIs at the start and end of the track
    • If the Raw GPX file is available, you can “play” the track in Google Earth and view the elevation, speed, distance and time elapsed at any point on the route
  • Export .map files as .gpx files: rich text and images are preserved when exporting AOIs, LOIs and POIs (images are placed in a separate folder)
  • Export .map files as .txt files: images are preserved when exporting AOIs, LOIs and POIs (images are placed in a separate folder); rich text is not preserved as simple text files do not support rich text
  • Height data: when importing or exporting routes or OOIs, SatSYNC can fetch height data from third-party databases if it is unavailable in these files
  • Pictures: SatSYNC can automatically download and attached pictures to AOIs, IOIs, LOIs and POIs if valid links are available in GPX, KML/KMZ or tab delimited text files
  • Tab delimited text files: in addition to creating routes and POIs, you can now create AOIs and LOIs including those with pictures
  • Import GPX routes or tracks as (routes created in the Online Route Planner can be imported as):
    • Routes
    • AOIs
    • LOIs
  • Import Google or KMZ/KML lines as
    • Routes
    • LOIs
  • Google or KMZ/KML lines with pictures which are imported as routes result in a route and a POI at the start point to store the pictures
  • Import photos to your Active 10:
    • Geo-tagged photos are imported as POIs which are automatically assigned a camera icon if possible
    • Non-geo-tagged photos are imported as IOIs which have no icons and do not appear on maps
  • Geocaches:
    • Normal pictures which are part of the cache description can automatically be download and placed in the appropriate position in the cache description on the OOI Description Screen when importing GPX files or Pocket Query ZIP files containing GPX files
    • Spoiler pictures can automatically be downloaded and placed at the bottom of the OOI Description Screen together with the hint when importing GPX files or Pocket Query ZIP files containing GPX files
    • When importing GPX files or Pocket Query ZIP files containing GPX files with caches which you have already found, these caches can be assigned the smiley icon instead of an icon reflecting the cache type
    • A warning radius of 161m can be applied when importing GPX, LOC or Pocket Query ZIP files
  • Google Earth
    • Create and download simple AOIs, LOIs, POIs, routes and road directions
    • Download Panoramio Photos
    • Download (including rich text and pictures)
    • Send your direction or shapes to the Active 10.
  • Google Maps
    • Create and download pedestrian, car, public transport road directions
    • Create and download your own AOIs, LOIs and POIs with rich text and pictures (free Google account setup with any email address required, e.g.,
    • Send your directions or shapes to the Active 10
  • enhanced support for GPX files. Apart from importing the route, the picture and instructions at each route point are placed in POIs
  • unrivalled support for GPX files. Rich text and pictures concerning the availability of and routes to huts and peaks can be downloaded as POIs
  • Import supports more file formats
    • TCX: these tracks often come with some track point names that indicate specific changes in direction
    • XOL tracks
    • GPX flavours from:
      • Opencaching websites (,,,,,,
    • JPG
      • Geo-tagged photos
      • Non-geo-tagged photos
  • Settings: numerous additional options to control the information downloaded from the Internet and how your routes and OOIs are imported or exported
  • Geo-tag Photos
    • New user interface
    • The option to automatically create a Google Earth KMZ file which you can open in Google Earth to see exactly where you took your photos
    • The option to include elevation data in addition to the latitude and longitude
    • Trip data (Raw GPX file(s)) now has to be in the same folder as the photos on the user's computer
    • The Time Offset can also be specified in days
    • The application can start without a connecting the Active 10
    • The application can also be started independently from the Satmap folder in the Program Menu
  • File Converter:
    • New user interface
    • The application can be started independently from the Satmap folder in the Program Menu
  • Improved the import of tab delimited text files
  • Drag and drop from SatSYNC to SatSYNC now available

Changes in version 1.450

  • Improved Waypoint filter
  • Added support for XOL files
  • Added support for Open Geocaching GPX files
  • Coordinates in tab delimited text files can be entered in British National Grid Reference in addition to Degrees Decimal and British National Grid Easting/Northing
  • Updated languages; now includes Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish

Changes in version 1.420

  • The installation of icons now works with all Active 10 platforms
  • The addition of a shortcut in the Programs Menu for starting the File Converter without SatSYNC being opened and without the Active 10 unit being connected.
  • When Geo-tagging photos, if there is no GPS point with the exact timestamp to match the photo, the nearest GPS point is now used.

Changes in version 1.400

  • Compatible with 64-bit Windows
  • A Geo-tagging application which uses trip log and trail data to geo-tag photos taken with your digital camera
  • An improved standalone file converter for converting files on your PC without the Active 10; you can launch as many instances as you like
  • The automatic assignment of appropriate POI icons for POIs from if you have POI icons obtained from Satmap on the Internal Storage or SD Card
  • Imported non .map POIs are sorted alphabetically (Geocaching POIs are the exception where only the parent geocaches are sorted)
  • You can import routes and POIs which are in the form of TAB delimited Text files
  • Large Routes or POI categories are automatically split into multiple files
  • Route filtering algorithm to improve route handling on the Active 10
  • Improved Options Menu
  • .MAP routes can be exported as .GPX tracks or .GPX routes
  • .MAP routes and POIs can be exported as TAB delimited Text files making it easier for you to manage your routes and POIs using common spreadsheet programs
  • When exporting .MAP routes created by selecting Convert Trail to Track, the .GPX routes or tracks will now include the time information
  • You can manipulate folders on the Internal Storage or SD Card if you have a combination of software version 1.4 or higher and platform version 09.02.21 or higher
  • Folder and File Toolbar for manipulating items in the Internal Storage or SD Card
  • Right-click menus for the Internal Storage Files and SD Card Files
  • Active 10 software upgrade program now also available through SatSYNC
  • Active 10 memory usage now available if your Active 10 has the combination of software version 1.4 or higher and platform version 09.02.21 or higher

Changes in version 1.212

  • Critical bug fix for caches which contain travel bugs

Changes in version 1.208

  • Google Maps: added section in English user guide on how to download walking, car and public transit directions as KML files
  • Users can now import a Pocket Query ZIP file directly without having to extract the GPX files inside it; both main cache descriptions and additional waypoints (e.g., car parks) are merged into one category, additional waypoints appear under their parents in the POI Menu. Extra details extracted from GPX files, e.g., if a cachce has some trackable items, these are listed before the description. If a GPX file produces a .map file bigger than 1024KB, the .map is broken into smaller parts
  • Added support for LOC version 1.1
  • Improved handling of KML/KMZ routes with more than 1000 WPs
  • Added the German Language to both the application and user guide
  • "Waypoints found: ..." - this text has been removed
  • Bug fixes: Certain GPX features were causing SatSYNC to loop forever. Nameless KML/KMZ POIs. Export large routes and POIs was taking too long. KMZ files from sources other than Google Earth may not necessarily have "doc.kml" inside them