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SatSYNC is a desktop application which allows your computer to recognize the Active GPS devices, when they're plugged into a USB port.
This enables the import and export of various information and other key features, such as:


  • Upgrading to the latest Active GPS software.
  • Transfer of supported files including routes and OOI’s (.GPX, .KML, .KMZ, .LOC, .ZIP, .TXT, .PNG, .XOL, .TCX, .JPG, .MAP) between the computer to the Active GPS (either Internal or SD Card storage).
  • This allows you to transfer your favourite trails to view on Xpedition and other route planner applications (e.g. Google Earth), or downloading road directions from Google Maps to view and follow on your Satmap GPS device.
  • File Converter - this application allows users to convert files to and from the Satmap file format (.MAP) enabling files to be transferred to and from your Satmap GPS device.
  • Google Earth – Satmap GPS devices are compatible with Google Earth as they convert KML / KMZ files. It can be used to create AOIs, LOIs, POIs and routes, to share POIs between users, to generate road directions and to download Panoramio photos.
  • Geocaching - the Active GPS devices support geocaching files - even allowing hints and tips to be displayed on screen in rich text and images too. .LOC Waypoint Files, GPX eXchange Files and Pocket Query Zip Files all can be transferred to your Satmap GPS device.
  • Supports customised Points of Interest icons.

              Additional Windows features:

              • Geo-tagging - this application adds latitude and longitude information recorded by the Active GPS to digital photographs
              • Easy links to third party applications - create, share, download and transfer routes, shapes and OOIs between the Active GPS and sites like,, Geocaching Australia, ,, Google Earth, Google Maps, and a number of other websites.
              • Import direct from Google Maps - the Active GPS are compatible with Google Maps, a similar tool to Google Earth, which can also be used to share POIs, create AOIs, LOIs, POIs and routes with rich text and pictures, and is even better for generating road directions. **

              * Please note that mapping data provided on the SD cards cannot be transferred via SatSync. On Mac this may require the use of the standalone File Converter program provided.

              ** You must be signed into a Google account to use this feature.

              For more technical information on SatSYNC, please refer to the SatSYNC user guide (Windows) or SatSYNC user guide (Mac)

              For information on past SatSYNC versions, please refer to the SatSYNC Version History