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Repairs and Returns

Please be aware that due to the ongoing Covid-19 virus, there may be a delay in responding to queries and the repair/return of GPS units. For help with any technical issues, please refer to our knowledge base found here

Repairs and Returns

Cancelling an order/ Returning an item


If you believe there to be a fault with an item please contact us before returning this as we may be able to resolve the issue remotely.


From the 31/05/20 we will no longer be offering an out of warranty repairs service for Active 10 and Active 12 units. If you have an out of warranty device that has become damaged, please contact us at to see if this issue can be resolved remotely. You may want to consider replacing the device with a new model or refurbished unit from our Web store. We also offer spare parts for a DIY repairs which can be found below.


If you have a product which is still in warranty and you would like us to confirm the fault and replace the product, please return the product to the address below alongside your proof of purchase.


In addition to this we also offer a Returns Policy allowing unused items to be returned for a refund (excluding postage charges) within 30 days.


  • Customer Returns
  • Satmap Systems Ltd
  • 128A Kingston Road
  • Leatherhead
  • Surrey KT22 7PU


As the customer you are responsible for the cost of returning an unsuitable item. Satmap cannot refund or exchange products purchased from other retailers. If you have any questions about a cancellation or return please contact our sales team (


The above conditions are a summary of our terms and conditions and are not an exhaustive list. Please visit our shipping and returns conditions for more information.


Logging your Map Card for repairs or services


We recommend contacting the Mapping team ( if you have an issue with a map card as we may be able to resolve the issue remotely. However, if you need to return the map card for repair please complete the returns form and return with the map card using the instructions on the returns form. We strongly recommend maps are returned in a jiffy bag and not an envelope as some sorting offices use rollers that can push the map cards through the envelope and may result in the item being lost in transit.


Logging your GPS device for an in warranty assessment and service.

In order to return your Active GPS device, please follow the procedure below:


1. Download and complete the returns form.


2. Send both the device and completed returns form to:


  • Tech Support
  • Satmap Systems Ltd
  • 128A Kingston Road
  • Leatherhead
  • Surrey, KT22 7PU


Please make sure that you have removed the LiPol battery and any other accessories that you believe not to be at fault or require assessment.


3. Once we receive your device we will assess it and contact you with the cost of repairs. We will normally contact you within 48 hours of receiving your device. If you do not receive an assessment within this time please contact us at


Please note - These instructions are only for device which are still in warranty. If you have an out of warranty Active GPS device contact us at


DIY Repair instructions (for out of warranty Active 10 and Active 12 devices).


As of 31/05/20 we have stopped our paid for repairs service for out of warranty Active 10 and Active 12 devices. For this reason, we will be selling casework parts so that users who are capable of performing a DIY repair or minor damage to their device can purchase these parts and perform the repairs themselves using the instructions below. 

Please note that there are no longer any front clams left in stock.


Step 1: Remove the protective film on the inside of the inner screen.


Step 2: If repairing an Active 10, remove the three rubber screen supports to the left, right and above the inner screen. If repairing an Active 12, leave these attached to support the narrow screen.


Step 3: Place the small joystick-extender in the rubber whole. Make sure the square hole is facing towards you so that the joystick on the motherboard can be fitted into it.


Step 4: Rest the antenna in the top of the front casework. We would recommend using some adhesive to hold it in place stop the antenna from rattling when the device is shaken.


Step 5: Place the TFT screen face down into the front casework with the motherboard on top. The antenna can then be plugged into the motherboards' connector at the top left.


Step 6: Make sure the seal around the front casework is in place and then push the back casework on. Once the two casework parts are connected, you can then use the four supplied screws to screw closed the casework. Do not overtighten the screws.


Please note: All repairs done at home will not be covered by any warranty.