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Mac SatSYNC Installation Instructions

Mac SatSYNC Installation Instructions

Please make sure to follow the installation instructions below, and note upon completion your computer will automatically restart. Therefore please save and close other open files and applications, before starting an install.


SatSYNC 0.7.05, 15 June 2020, compatible with macOS 10.15 "Catalina"

To install this SatSYNC for Mac version :

  1. Click this link to download the SatSYNC for Mac 64-bit pkg (Version 0.7.05) file.
  2. Open the package and follow the instructions in the installation wizard
  3. Complete the installation process via the wizard.
  4. Computer restart.
  5. Start SatSYNC from within Applications / Launchpad
  6. If needed, you may switch between "Beta" and "Formal" by re-installing.


What's new in this release ?

  • Crashing bugs - fixed,
  • Improved installer - now removes old type of driver before installing it in the new location (macOS change),
  • GPX file handling - improved, More data preserved - including Geocaching information when splitting files up. This is both on import and using the in-situ split,
  • Software upgrade procedure - improved,
  • Drag and drop multiple files enabled - from Active1X devices onto finder,
  • Copy/move of multiple files onto the device, or between folders - improved,
  • Delete speed of large folders for Active20 devices - improved,
  • Active20 device can now be ejected through SatSync. (Unplug the device as soon as the dialog pops up on screen, saying that it’s now safe to do so. This will ensure cleaner device removal. If device is still displaying the message requesting reinstallation of the system, please just reboot Active20).
  • Large folders - faster opening, with feedback showing that loading content of large folder is in progress. This helps on slower devices, such as Active10 or Active12
  • UI has been improved, with many visual bugs fixed,
  • Fixed issue when installing over very old version, installer would report a failure