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Active 20 Version History (Application SM15)

"Application Software" Version History For The Active 20

This is the (application) sofware that runs the User Interface for the device. It is quick and easy to update via Wi-Fi or SatSYNC, and just requires a simple restart after the update. (The other type of software update is called "Platform" and its like the Operating System on a PC/Mac) From time to time we release "Beta" versions of this application software which will include the latest features and bug fixes. With Wi-Fi or SatSYNC it is always possible to "roll-back" to an official Release Version, if so desired.

"Release Version" History (software as issued on new units)

30-Mar-2021 : Release Version 3.13.109 : This is the latest official version.
05-Oct-2020 : Release Version 3.13.086
21-Jul-2020 : Release Version 3.13.075
10-Jan-2020 : Release Version 3.13.037
21-May-2019 : Release Version 3.12.831
15-May-2019 : Release Version 3.12.826
28-Dec-2018 : Release Version 3.12.629
21-Nov-2018 : Release Version 3.12.541
31-Aug-2018 :  Release Version 3.12.407
20-Aug-2018 :  Release Version 3.12.382
24-Jan-2018 :  Release Version 3.11.671
25-Oct-2017 :  Release Version 3.11.450
19-Sep-2017 :  Release Version 3.11.353
09-Aug-2017 :  Release Version 3.11.261
12-Jun-2017 :  Release Version 3.0.11065


All Versions History (Beta & Release versions)

("Beta" is software under development with new features for customer testing)


19-Aug-2021 : Beta Version 3.13.116 :

Changes from Release Version 3.13.109

  • Fix a deadlock in the AOI/LOI editor


30-Mar-2021 : Release Version 3.13.109 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.13.107

  • Changed default user mode from Lite to Expert


17-Dec-2020 : Beta Version 3.13.107 :

Changes from Release Version 3.13.086

  • Introduced a Lite Mode (Phase I)
  • Added a User Mode Settings screen to toggle between Lite/Expert modes (default: Lite Mode)
  • Added a title bar colour scheme for Lite/Expert modes (Lite = Blue, Expert = Black)
  • Added a Strict/Relaxed setting when toggling map layers (default: Relaxed)
  • Highlight the You-Are-Here button when in planning mode


06-Oct-2020 : Release Version 3.13.086 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.13.075

  • Bug fix: in the user's name setting screen, tapping below the user name control would crash the application 


17-Aug-2020 : Beta Version 3.13.084 :

Changes from Release Version 3.13.075

  • Improved performance of startup archiving process.
  • Bug fix: one and two character POI names were not being handled correctly
  • Bug fix: when current default zoom level (the world) and any map pack on an SD card, which was not used in the previous power-on session; rendering any map pack from Map Packs screen, and then changing to GPS Map screen caused a crash
  • Bug fix: a filename buffer overflow; this also fixes the vulnerability in deeply nested folders
  • Bug fix: in the grid coordinate formats for French


16-Jun-2020 : Release Version 3.13.075 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.13.066

  • Fixed a bug causing the unit to freeze with large map cards installed


17-Mar-2020 : Beta Version 3.13.066 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.13.037

Bug Fixes

  • The memory status calculations were not always accurate.
  • Some chances of application crashes.
  • Improved reliability of loading map packs from SD cards.
  • Application crash when renaming a POI to one- or two-character name.
  • Restored the object sharing functionality via Bluetooth.


  • Slightly improved performance of loading the application.
  • Diagnostics for some bad files.


10-Jan-2020 : Release Version 3.13.037 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.13.033

Bug Fixes

  • Active route tracking was not always switching to the next leg, which resulted in the position not progressing on the elevation profile
  • The length of the last leg of the active route was being lost and affecting dependant calculations


19-Nov-2019 : Beta Version 3.13.033 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.13.011

  • Fixed point rendering when creating an AOI or LOI and the global OOI visibility is set to “all invisible”
  • Fixed a problem when the AOI or LOI creation session was interrupted by a power cut, the malformed AOI or LOI would persist in the file
  • Changed the renaming logic for routes and OOIs: numbers in parentheses will not be inserted when not necessary in filenames
  • Serialized the colour and fill patterns for GPX AOIs and LOIs
  • Fixed the visibility property for GPX shapes


31-Oct-2019 : Beta Version 3.13.011 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.13.001

  • Improving the performance of the trail elevation calculations
  • Bug fix in 3D distance calculations; this bug had the following effect:
    • route and track simplifications were not effective
    • the active route progress tracking was not precise
    • the POI position in the elevation profile was not precise.
  • Bug fix reading GPX areas and lines; central location was not being set, so AOIs and LOIs were bot being centred on map correctly


27-Sep-2019 : Beta Version 3.13.001 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.12.897

  • Select the destination storage according to user settings when downloading files from Xpedition2
  • Improved performance when changing a large number of warning radii for all OOIs
  • Added a progress indicator for changing the warning radius for all POIs
  • Added ability to change OOI settings individually or globally
  • Wi-Fi logic changed after resuming from hibernate. Previously it was dependent on Wi-Fi settings, now it maintains the current state
  • Removing the limit of 1024 items displayed in a list

Bug fixes

  • When saving objects, progress counter exceeded the total number of objects to save
  • The first point of the existing current GPX file was not included
  • Fixed the track point numbering when appending new points to an existing GPX trip log from a previous session
  • Unmasked the bottom left button for touchscreen in the Route Creator
  • Swapped the left and right buttons of the prompt in Route Creator when left-handed mode is active
  • Screen Off physical button was not working
  • The current leg of the active route was not being updated correctly
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour of the joystick central button for the virtual keyboard
    1. when touchscreen enabled; the joystick central button did not work right away
    2. when touchscreen disabled; the joystick central button did not work at all
    3. when touchscreen disabled; when touching a button on the screen, the joystick central button was acting as the touched button


15-Aug-2019 : Beta Version 3.12.897 :

Changes from Release Version 3.12.834

  • Render the POI icons on the elevation profile
  • Update POI information for the elevation profile when a POI is created, changed by map or deleted
  • Changed the active route leg finder: calculate the nearest linear segment, rather than the nearest route point
  • Changed the algorithm for calculating active route points nearest to a POI: only one point per POI is now allowed and the algorithm will consider only visible line segments of the active route
  • Removed code which made some route points from OSRM invisible, which caused discrepancies in some route calculations, for example, the route length
  • Fixed a touchscreen Select Button bug on the virtual keyboard
  • Harmonised the POI position and elevation functions which fixes POI icon rendering on the elevation profile after editing the POI position
  • Updated POI information for elevation profile when the POI warning radius is changed
  • Using POI visibility in the context of POI information on the elevation profile
  • Updated POI information for the elevation profile when reversing or editing the active route
  • Updated POI information for the elevation profile when modifying or deleting a route point position
  • Changed the office address in About screen
  • Bug fix where the route simplification algorithm was deleting too many route points
  • Filtered out inconsistent geo-positions according to the physical reasoning about the speed
  • Avoid double updates of the geo-position on the active route in order to reduce the time lag of the position on the elevation chart
  • Reset the read-only attribute on the target when deleting files in NAND before writing files from the Satmap firmware package on SD card to NAND storage
  • Security fix: Hide the Xpedition2 password during edit; new characters are not hidden for user's convenience


22-May-2019 : Beta Version 3.12.834 :

Changes from Release Version 3.12.831

  • Bug Fix: Resolved thread conflicts at startup making the application more resilient


21-May-2019 : Release Version 3.12.831 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.12.828

  • Bug Fix: Saving the GPX track failed sometimes; this bug was responsible for lost tracks and trail stats, and mismatch between the track and trail stats


16-May-2019 : Beta Version 3.12.828 :

Changes from Release Version 3.12.826

  • Bug fix: the route simplification algorithm was running despite zero simplification degree


15-May-2019 : Release Version 3.12.826 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.12.824

  • Bug fix: the virtual keyboard was duplicating the entered character when using the joystick only


12-Apr-2019 : Beta Version 3.12.824 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.12.800

  • Disabled the text box overlay, as it obscures the keyboard
  • Prevented writing zero timestamps when saving GPX tracks, speeding up the loading of tracks
  • Calculate track duration and rendering the track total time in the TRACK PLAN
  • Bug fix: On the Folders screen, button functions were not updated properly when selecting the folder item at the top of the screen after scrolling down
  • Bug fix: Removed unnecessary backlight, saving power
  • Bug fix: Automatic Screen Turn Off was too soon when using continuous actions like zooming/panning
  • Bug fix: Removed an endless loop after Automatic Screen Turn Off when using continuous actions
  • Bug fix: In the TRIP LOG screen, a trip log data field could not be changed with just joystick and buttons and an inconsistent selection of cells with the touch and the joystick
  • Bug fix: Active routes were not showing on the GPS map unless they had been ‘viewed’ first


13-Mar-2019 : Beta Version 3.12.800 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.12.756

  • Fixed the screen-off alerts
  • Shows an error message if conversion from a track to a route fails
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the rendering of tracks and inactive routes
  • Now handling LOIs and AOIs as GPX routes
  • Loading GPX AOIs and LOIs
  • Fixed a bug, prevented route creation from a track if the destination folder ROUTES did not exist
  • The ROUTES folder is used if it exists, otherwise routes are saved in the top level folder
  • Removed the dependency of Power Control on Advanced Power Control.
  • Changes to Advanced Power Control will no longer affect the settings in Power Control
  • Fixed the blank selection button in the EDIT POI screen
  • Increased the text editor buffer length for description fields from 255 to 1023 characters
  • Medium panning speed fixed. It was running as fast
  • When Data Save settings were set to SD Card, ALL files were being store in the root folder. This has been fixed
  • Bug fix in the Folders screen where the context information was being cleared when the parent folder was selected


11-Feb-2019 : Beta Version 3.12.756 :

Changes from Release Version 3.12.629

  • Renamed "List All OOIs" action to "Browse All OOIs"
  • Implemented the "Flat List of OOIs" feature
  • Introduced "Copy To" and "Move To" commands for OOIs
  • Introduced a menu screen for folder operations
  • Replaced the Folders screen with Extended Operations on folders
  • Implemented file protection settings, found after Memory Status on the Settings Screen
  • Implemented Create New Folder feature in the Folders screen, select a folder at the top of the list, and press top right button
  • Fixed a compatibility issues with .map OOI icons; particularly the geocache POIs. Convert to .map with SatSync, now shows correct icons
  • Ensured that all settings are saved immediately after any setting has been changed
  • Bug fix in the Create New Route function
  • If the trail gets lost due to a sudden power cut, it will now be restored from the GPX trip log
  • Replaced the static position hold setting with a generic setting; this should fix the setting propagation to the GNSS module


28-Dec-2018 : Release Version 3.12.629 :

Changes from Release Version 3.12.541

  • Prevent the SYSTEM files from being recursively deleted when performing a factory reset
  • Rename the Routes Menu to Folders
  • Preserve the active route during a power cycle
  • Store the active route by full file-path instead of the route name
  • Fix the journey simplification algorithm:
    • using simple tolerance
    • using 3D distances
    • correcting the point-to-segment distance calculations
  • Update the number of points in the simplified part of the trail:
    • this avoids repeated simplifications on the same points
    • this solves a known problem of unit performance when a huge trail is recorded
  • Enabled a simplification algorithm on creating a route from a track
  • Corrected the settings UI logic, saving settings on pressing Back button
  • Routes & Tracks setting -> Routes & Tracks simplification degree
  • Removed the decimal point from Cycling setting -> Wheel circumference
  • Use a generic folder browser for all objects: routes, tracks and OOIs
  • In the Folders screen, moved the POI icon to the second column for consistency with routes and tracks
  • Render POI context information in Folders screen
  • GPX POIs were being rewritten as .map under some conditions (eg map elevation update) when creating a new POI. Fixed
  • Added the missing contents when returning to the parent folder in INTERNET OBJECTS screen
  • Preserve the folder selection when returning to the parent folder in INTERNET OBJECTS screen
  • Reduced the demo mode screen brightness from 100% to 80%
  • Increased the demo mode Backlight Boost timer from 5 to 20 seconds
  • Reduced the demo mode refresh interval from 1 to 2 seconds
  • Fixed the enabled/disabled status for Create New POI button in OOI Folders screen


21-Nov-2018 : Release Version 3.12.541 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.12.537

  • Added support for Complex GPX files (these are files containing multiple objects)


12-Nov-2018 : Beta Version 3.12.537 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.12.520

  • Allow the user to select raw, elevation sampling and elevation/distance sampling when calculating total ascent/descent
  • Added Ascent/Descent controls to the Quick Settings screen
  • Improved the Ascent/Descent calculations to work with unsimplified trails


29-Oct-2018 : Beta Version 3.12.520 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.12.461

  • Implemented the GPX POI elevation feature
  • Wi-Fi improvements for TLS 1.2
  • Preparations to support complex GPX processing
  • Improved GPX parsing reliability
  • Moved the POI icon loading to the file system monitor thread, thus making the POI icon loading thread-safe
  • Show the base maps quicker on start-up
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong POI icon was being shown from a POI file
  • Fixed a bug in which the last POI icon selection could be invisible
  • Increased the size of the map tile buffer, which should fix the problem of loading huge map-packs
  • Removed the speed comments from GPX tracks
  • Renamed the GPX track points in the trip log
  • Renamed point names from WP/SP/RP to PT
  • Persisted the Full Screen Mapping settings


19-Sep-2018 : Beta Version 3.12.461 :

Changes from Release Version 3.12.457

  • Fixed an Xpedition2 connectivity bug 


18-Sep-2018 : Beta Version 3.12.457 :

Changes from Release Version 3.12.407

  • Reinstated the Straight Line Distance value for the data boxes
  • Extended Xpedition2 connectivity to LIVE and TEST sites
  • Fixed the POI detail page where the rich details and images were not being displayed
  • Fixed the Geocache display problem.
  • No longer adding distance to the titles of new tracks
  • Added concentric circles as an option for POI warning radius


31-Aug-2018 : Release Version 3.12.407 :

Changes from Release Version 3.12.382

  • Wi-fi Updates
  • Improved communication with Xpedition 2


20-Aug-2018 : Release Version 3.12.382 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.12.267

  • Enabled the creation of GPX POI by default
  • Corrected the naming in the OOI Folders screen; the Edit button becomes the Actions button
  • Only GPX objects are allowed for upload
  • Updated the UI for pushing GPX POIs to Xpedition 2
  • Laid some groundwork for forthcoming power saving effort
  • Introduced some statistical tracking
  • Introduced a new Quick Settings screen
  • Added a Refresh Rate to the App Settings
  • Made “Refresh Rate”, “Power Saving Mode” and “Active Route ID” thread-safe
  • Decoupled the GPS thread from the main thread on the notification to restart the demo walk
  • Restarting the demo walk early, fixing the bug which was putting a real GPS position to the demo mode track
  • Introduced a Gate-Keeper to control the flow rate of messages through the Idle processor, and the Windows Message handler
  • Introduced a drop down (swipe down from status bar) quick settings screen for easier access to power settings
  • Added Swiss Demo Mode
  • Requesting user confirmation before entering Demo Mode
  • Renamed the OOI Folders Edit button to Actions
  • Replaced the old network layer which was only capable of TLS 1.0, with a TLS 1.2 capable network layer
  • Fixed an incomplete GPX read bug from Xpedition 2
  • Displaying Xpedition 2 upload status message
  • Fixed the application freeze that occurs when adding a POI By Grid Ref at elevation voids (eg NY xxxxx xxxxx)
  • Improved Wi-fi responsiveness, to reduced UI blocking when communicating with Xpedition 2


7-Jun-2018 : Beta Version 3.12.267 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.12.136

  • Display inaccessible map layers as disabled and not selectable in the map layers screen
  • Introduced the Irish demo mode
  • Removing the purple line when zooming in the GPS MAP and PLANNING screens
  • Saving the GPX description
  • Moved the next WP label into the upper left corner
  • Ensured that the Elevation Chart scale settings are saved
  • German language fixes and additions
  • Enabled scrolling lists even if initiated from outside the list control
  • Fixed the Route Rendering setup screen to work with buttons
  • Fixed the "Save & Clear" bug on Trip Log whereby the stats were not being cleared
  • Fixed the uninitialized route transparency bug
  • Fixed the scroll reset bug
  • Introduced new icons for routes and tracks
  • Fixed the Trail Up Low so that Position Info displays it as centered
  • Prevent POI Icon loading duplication at start-up
  • Refactored the GPX parser and parsing the POI warning radius; this should enable the GPX POI warning radius feature
  • Writing the visibility flag to GPX POI files
  • Reduced noise from elevation data when calculating total ascent/descent
  • Writing the icon path to GPX POI files
  • Reduced the gesture hold threshold down from 600ms to 500ms
  • Added full colour route transparency support to route rendering
  • Replaced the old route colouring screen with the new screen


8-May-2018 : Beta Version 3.12.136 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.936


  • Fixed the Test Modes so that they work correctly, and do not follow the Demo Mode route
  • Restore the Min/Max/Asc values on the Trip Log screen that became lost when introducing the new grid system
  • Enable JSClick selection on the Data Option selection screen
  • Fixed the InOp JSClick on the Map Layers screen
  • Replace "Route Length: xxx" with "Track Length: xxx" for tracks
  • Ensured that the correct item is selected when reconfiguring the contents of a trip log cell
  • Introduced throttling to reduce the impact of the compass on CPU load and battery performance
  • Fixed the prompt when renaming a profile
  • Small bugs fixed in demo mode to remove unwanted operations
  • Made the location of the search cache more flexible so that it can be located on the SD card


  • Introduced Position as UTM, MGRS and DDMMSS to the Data Box/Trip Log values
  • Standardized the white/orange boxes on the POSITION INFO screen
  • Standardized the display of positions as two-line data
  • Added support for multiline positions to be displayed in Trip Log cells
  • Adjusted the data boxes to be able to display two-line position information correctly
  • Modified Compass Screen to display Magnetic and Grid Bearings
  • Introduced Red Satellite icons for simulation modes
  • Enabled touch control for the Username settings screen
  • Replaced Data Box touch selection with the vertical long list found in the Data Option Selection Screen
  • Added Next Waypoint Comments to the DataBoxes


30-Apr-2018 : Beta Version 3.12.082 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.936


  • Handling the show/dismiss of the Info overlay box
  • Fixed the Info overlay box so that it sizes correctly according to its contents
  • Added full support for GPS Off mode
  • Protected the application from hanging when the elevation chart is not fully initialised
  • Fixed a bug which could occur whilst saving the satellite constellation setting
  • Fixed the "Edit Routepoints" bug where the joystick is not working
  • Fixed the POI Icon loader bug which sometimes prevents the POI Icons from appearing
  • Fixed the first character keyboard bug when using buttons only
  • Fixed the issue with the application crashing due to unhandled exceptions
  • Raised the position of the Trail-Up-Low YAH indicator when two info-boxes are visible
  • Fix Sunrise/Sunset to display in local time
  • Fixed the bug preventing Screen Off to be assigned correctly on the hibernate settings screen
  • Ensuring that other power settings are not altered if "power saving mode" has not changed


  • Improvements to Demo Mode
  • Draw the route in the "Normal" colour (no-fading, highlighting, etc) when in route editing mode
  • Added a "Deactivate Route" to the Route Actions screen if the current route is active
  • Added a "Deactivate Current Route" to the routes menu, so that the active route doesn't have to be located first
  • Add icon names to POI Icon Selection screen
  • Added full button support for the main menu screen
  • Added support for different POI creation modes (quick, standard and detailed)
  • Improvements to the search screen when using buttons only, and when no search databases are installed
  • Refactored the Trip Log menu to make it simpler to use
  • Allow Elevation profile to be viewed in Trail up low
  • Improved download failure diagnostics
  • Provide access to the Elevation Chart Settings from the Settings Menu
  • Xpedition II interface - Implemented GPX POI descriptions
  • Improved the readability of the Trip Log confirmation messages
  • Introduced a new icon for the Trail Up (Low) button in map mode


27-Mar-2018 : Beta Version 3.11.936 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.844

  • Introduced centralised management for standard folders, fixing the problems with duplicated folder names
  • Lay some foundations for improved route location identification
  • Improve the accuracy of distance calculations
  • Fixed the bug where the Planning screen constantly redraws itself, and runs down the battery
  • Fixed the bug where the incorrect leg is selected during route edit and selecting a non-point
  • Fixed the un-rendered tiles caused by delayed screen updating in route create/edit
  • Made the UI more responsive when pressing Refresh button in INTERNET OBJECTS screen
  • Fixed a bug, which caused a GPX route to be written instead of a .map track
  • Reordered the TRIP LOG MENU items and replaced the strings
  • New brightness translation table for platform 42+
  • Add CPU Load monitoring, and make the data available in the data boxes
  • Make a "screen off" setting available, and add it to the Hibernate/Power screen
  • Save significant battery by not rendering when the device is on but the screen is turned off
  • Modify the appearance of the Control Points to distinguish them more from trail points
  • Shorten the status bar tap duration when displaying the full caption
  • Improved German translations
  • Use all alignment modes in all power profiles
  • Enable full screen mode for mapping screens
  • Add distance information to route rendering information
  • Fixed a bug, which prevented the trail to be saved in the TRACKS folder when the folder does not exist
  • Disabled the route simplification when creating a route from a track
  • Create the UI for enhanced route colouring
  • Modified the route rendering so that colour fading can be used to allow the user to enhance upcoming parts of the route
  • Introduced Active Route following modes
  • Fixed the misreporting of out-of-date base maps
  • Added the Xpedition 2 icon and replaced "Internet" with "Xpedition 2"
  • Show standalone AOIs in INTERNET OBJECTS screen
  • Added an AOI icon, and showing the unified icons in INTERNET OBJECTS screen
  • Replaced the routes icon
  • Force the clocks to update before rendering the Trip Log screen
  • Make a graphic compass available for the Data Boxes and the Trip Log
  • Extend the WiFi network list screen to show all networks with profiles in bold
  • Removed the Key Click settings
  • Added zonal handling of the warning icons on the status bar


21-Feb-2018 : Beta Version 3.11.844 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.671

  • Added a new Wi-Fi Routing feature
  • Added configurable Log Screen capabilities
  • Improved the code for creating a route from a track
  • Automatic simplification of routes created from tracks
  • Removal of all edit actions on tracks, as those actions are not supported
  • Disabled track activation and reversal on ROUTE PLAN and ROUTE CARD screens
  • Separation of ROUTE MAP/PLAN/CARD screens from TRACK MAP/PLAN/CARD for tracks
  • Display filenames in the context area at the foot of the ROUTES & TRACKS screen
  • Added new icons for routes and tracks
  • Disabled track activation
  • Made GPX and TCX track formatting safe
  • Activated the GPX track extensions setting in Settings -> Data Save Options -> GPX Track Extensions
  • Introduced a "Save Changes" popup when creating/editting a route
  • Processing of standalone (root) web-tracks which are now visible in the new INTERNET OBJECTS screen
  • Implemented the track download feature
  • Improving the reliability of the u-blox module after initialisation
  • Fixed the bug preventing the language settings from being dismissed following a default reset
  • Now showing standalone POIs in INTERNET OBJECTS screen
  • Modified the search screen to allow primary screen navigation to continue using the d-pad
  • Improved the navigation acceleration of elevation profile
  • Fixed the bug preventing search data to be installed on the SD Card


08-Jan-2018 : Release Version 3.11.671 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.474

  • Added Search Feature
  • Replaced the 32-point "movement stick" with a 360° "movement arrow"
  • Added an “Elapsed Time” data box
  • “Add POI by Grid Ref” has been touch enabled
  • Prevent the UI from locking up during a Resource Manager update (eg before the Book covers are displayed)
  • Added Primary Screen Selector configuration
  • Added new keyboard layouts for ALPHA, QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY
  • Enabled the ability for users to set the warning radius for all POIs at once
  • Allow the deletion of track waypoints, which is required for track reduction
  • Fixed the missing waypoint beeps
  • Fixed the elevation profile lag
  • Fixed the compass "pointer mode" issue
  • Added the option for users to create POIs at the position found by a search operation
  • Refresh search data after disconnecting the device from a PC/Mac
  • Fixed the SM15 software installation bug over Wi-Fi
  • Added more German translations
  • Fixed some language typos
  • Fixed the Compass Settings, Grid Magnetic Angle screen handler
  • Fixed the bug where the touch screen reacts when the screen is off due to power saving options
  • Added a cancel button on the wi-fi download screens
  • Improvements to the Wi-Fi to handle Search features
  • Disabled buttons when Wi-Fi is disabled
  • Extended keyboard characters
  • Improved Wi-Fi range checking, so that buttons are enabled/disabled as connections are made/broken
  • Added statusbar tap so that the caption is revealed


01-Nov-2017 : Beta Version 3.11.474 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.450

  • Improvements to the Web routes functionality
  • Fixed the misalignments on the Settings screen


25-Oct-2017 : Release Version 3.11.450 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.409

  • Fixed base map installation problem where BASE_MAPS folder was not correctly created if it didn't exist
  • Added a sequence number to the screenshot filename to cope with occasions when the time had not updated
  • Improve backup and cleanup after installation
  • Remove Wi-Fi from the settings menu and replace it with a Wi-Fi Settings screen
  • Add the ability for the user to default the Wi-Fi to ON if they wish
  • Reduced the amount of blocking caused by Wi-Fi, improving the user experience when Wi-Fi is enabled
  • Fixed typo errors
  • Improved the Wi-Fi out of range handling
  • Improved the list handling on the ROUTES, TRACKS and OOIS screens
  • Fixed "Data Sharing" toggle of routes


13-Oct-2017 : Release Version 3.11.409 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.405

  • Enabled Refresh button on the "Manage Upgrades" screen
  • Improved the reliability of reading the Release Data metadata


13-Oct-2017 : Beta Version 3.11.405 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.383

  • Adding a missing header to the route download request; this fixes route file downloading as temporary files
  • Deleting temporary files when downloads fail
  • Improving file system communication structures
  • Replaced the in-operative system timing calls resulting in incorrect time stamps in filenames and data
  • Fixed the Move/Copy route function when Data Save Location is set to SD Card
  • Exclude folders from folder list screens where only system files are present
  • Fixed the satellite disappearance problem


03-Oct-2017 : Beta Version 3.11.383 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.380

  • Fixed a bug that prevented other Languages from being displayed


29-Sep-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.380 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.367 :

  • Ensure that ALL settings are written to file when they have been modified
  • Moved Satmap system files from root folder into the SYSTEM folder
  • Remove the auto TrailToRoute feature, which creates routes and resets stats unexpectedly
  • Fixed the GPX route rename bug


25-Sep-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.367 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.353 :

  • Display Mac addresses consistently as xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
  • Fixed the Bluetooth test screen to display the correct part of the remote unit's mac address
  • Fixed the Test Info page to display the WiFi mac address correctly
  • Improving the registry repair functions
  • When .GPX Only is selected, the .map file is no longer created or displayed on the device.
  • Upon Trail to Track conversion, the generated objects are injected into the catalogue
  • Saving Data when changing "Data Save Options" and "List Mode" - more coming soon
  • Define a new Satmap XSD schema
  • Made the generated GPX output conform to GPX schema 1.1
  • Added more information to the GPX file providing details about the generating application
  • Fixed the alignment of the "Map" button text on the "Edit Active Route Colour" screen
  • Keep snail trail on Internal Flash


19-Sep-2017 :  Release Version 3.11.353 

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.328 :

  • Improving the ability to trace where Errors are occurring for diagnostic purposes
  • Text message corrections
  • Replaced the Warning Icon with a Boxed Warning
  • Display all available maps (regardless of context) in the Map Layers View
  • Added a Reset function to the Button Test Screens
  • Fixed the duplicate catalogue folder bug (Capitals/Non-Capitals)
  • Fixed the Preferred Data Location bug where tracks were being saved to Nand when SD was selected
  • Show the track converted to a route after a trip, even if only GPX is set
  • Fixed the Screenshot time label
  • Fix for GPX trail to track conversion bug


12-Sep-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.328 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.298 : 

  • Provide visual feedback in the status bar when resources are being catalogued
  • Replaced a "Tap" with a "Hold" on the map elevation screen to activate the elevation profile
  • Improve the management of the resource files on the devices
  • Enabled the joystick repeat function during Create/Edit route
  • Changed default elevation source from GPS to Pressure
  • Fixed the Move/Copy route operation to not lose the file extension
  • Removing the unnecessary and potentially harmful flashing of all files when the file system has been dismounted
  • Simplification of the About box code
  • When Moving/Copying a route or POI between Flash/SD, prompt the user for overwrite if the target already exists
  • Removed the erroneous black rectangles on the My Shared Data screen
  • Checking storage attachment/detachment events by the device name, instead of relying on fixed codes
  • Disabling the SD card insertion/removal event handling code
  • Convert system folders to upper case
  • Add more monitoring of the root folders for diagnostic purposes
  • Reintroduce the refresh buttons for Routes Menu and add to the OOI Menu
  • Improved the logic for when the Refresh button is active for the OOI Menu
  • Registry repair for Active 20 to cope with previous changes


25-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.298 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.277 : 

  • Protected the a20.ico, autorun.inf and README.txt files during a factory reset
  • Fixed the bug showing a negative number when other software version information is not available
  • Replaced the ascii <=> wide string converter in release data
  • If no GPS lock, but wi-fi is available, then set system time from web
  • Corrected Expedition <=> Xpedition strings
  • Fixed a pinch zoom on a map screen with elevation chart
  • Removed the Resource Refresh screen
  • Used the MultiMap icon to indicate resource loading activity
  • Fixed the missing Map Covers 
  • Disabled the rescan after usb disconnect


15-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.277 : 

Changes from Release Version 3.11.261 : 

  • Modified the Upgrades Information screen to include the installed version
  • Fixed a bug deleting a local version
  • Fixed a bug which caused an Xpedition password written as an Xpedition user name
  • Moved "Please wait..." message box from the screen-initiator to the target screen "Web routes", so that it should show also in other cases
  • Some wi-fi tidying up
  • Adding Xpedition website connection
  • Enabled full pinch zoom processing (requires platform 37 or higher)


09-Aug-2017 :  Release Version 3.11.261 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.256 : 

  • Xpedition user name and password entries have been temporarily disabled
  • Fixed a bug which prevented saving the device user name on start up without confirmed name of the user
  • Fixed the post-usb refresh loss of map packs


08-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.256 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.244 : 

  • Improved the visible wi-fi connection status messages
  • Changed Main Menu Active Route from a "tap" to a "hold" to make it more stable and less reactive.
  • Made the dividing line between Active Map and Active Route thicker
  • Added a MapLayers screen so that the user can select a specific layer
  • Add more automation for on-screen enabling/disabling buttons
  • Improve UI performance
  • Enforce selection of device user name on start up


04-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.244 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11238 : 

  • Fixed a lingering error message on the base map download screen
  • Restored Internet routes work that was accidentally removed
  • Introduced a new version numbering system


04-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11238 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11227 : 

  • Improved the post-USB device scan so that known map folders are ignored
  • Implemented the Xpedition user name and password entry
  • Ensure that the top line of the primary screen banner indicator is not overdrawn
  • Translation corrections


02-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11227 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11195 : 

  • Fixing the issue with truncated titles of GPX routes and tracks when passing GPX
  • Add customizable status bar actions
  • Fixing a bug in the user track GPX filename comparison when a GPX filename ends with a reserved sequence of characters
  • Added support for GPX Waypoints as POIs
  • Added support for geo-caching
  • Enhanced the POI Information screen to support more touch functionality
  • Added a device scan when the USB cable is disconnected.
  • Added a re-catalogue action upon finding any new resources
  • General code performance improvements


24-Jul-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11195 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11189 : 

  • Changed POI display name titles
  • Keep POI icons and info boxes on the screen during panning and zooming
  • Fix the "Add POI" directly from the map screens inactive problem
  • Other fixes and improvements


20-Jul-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11189 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11182 : 

  • Fixed the time offset, and daylight saving problems
  • Made the right hand side popup wider to better accommodate German messages
  • Internal code efficiency improvements


19-Jul-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11182 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11162 : 

  • Improved the background processing whilst looking for wi-fi updates
  • Introducing foundation for future interaction with Xpedition II
  • Add ability to download base maps when they are missing or out of date
  • Improved the interaction of the on-screen keyboard with other screens
  • Fixed the wi-fi download reset when other screens interact with download screens
  • Fixed the wraparound folder misalignment problem
  • Wraparound is now disabled on Folder list screens


11-Jul-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11162 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11151 : 

  • Raised zoom floor to 2000
  • Add the file sizes to the upgrade meta-data
  • Added L-R orange button shortcut for quick access to the About screen
  • Moved touch test earlier in the functional test sequence
  • Moved slide test earlier in the touch test sequence
  • Made the slide test trail longer and more persistent
  • Improved rebustness of wifi settings


07-Jul-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11151 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11132 : 

  • Show the battery level and charging state on the USB Connected Mode screen
  • Screen drawing improvements
  • Prompt the user for a password on the wifi connect screen
  • Refactored the wi-fi functionality to make the device operate more smoothly
  • Show the connected network in a bold font
  • Added colouring to the significant versions in the management screens
  • Added stale wi-fi network decay
  • Introduced a connect button for easier wi-fi access
  • Added Poweroff and Restart buttons to the upgrade screens for easier installation
  • Enhanced the website to provide more information when upgrading web components
  • Enabling the Web Routes screen from the ROUTES & TRACKS screen
  • Introduced new wifi upgrade screens
  • Added a two-stage device unlock procedure
  • Removed the problematic IP Address from the identity test screen


28-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11132 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11121 : 

  • Add the IP Address to the identity test screen
  • Replace "Volume Control" with "Alert Settings"
  • Corrected the text in the orange box for the Data Save Options
  • Disable the Done key on the keyboard when no data has been entered
  • Add new wi-fi management screen, so that unrequired wifi connections can be cleared
  • Added an version management screen for viewing of older software versions
  • Fix the Trip Log start/stop button responsiveness


26-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11121 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11118 : 

  • Bug fix for battery management


26-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11118 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11114 : 

  • Fixed the displaying of the OSGB databoxes
  • Added the Local Position according to the user's current settings


23-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11114 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11111 : 

  • Fixed the displaying of the Wi-Fi MAC address
  • Added improvements to the FunctionalUnit Test screens
  • Added bluetooth MAC address identifiers


23-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11111 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11102 :

  • Added JoyStick navigation to the Wi-Fi screen when in primary screen mode
  • Added auto refresh to the wi-fi software/platform upgrade screens
  • Added a list of device names to the bluetooth test screen


21-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11102 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11093 :

  • Added touch (hold) processing for Info Icon, to match JS click
  • Hide inactive routes when entering Demo Mode
  • Wi-Fi has been made a primary screen
  • Fixed the Ultra power saving mode timer which was not being reset by touch
  • Changed the Ultra power saving mode screen timeout from 15 to 60 seconds
  • Added higher frequency and more stability to the pressure readings
  • Added more colour codes to the button test screen
  • Making the battery levels more accurate


20-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11093 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11083 :

  • Prevent POI icons  from overrunning on the POI Icon selection screen
  • Prevent the UBX log file from being written during power operations, such as hibernate
  • Replaced persistent UBX logging with epoch based buffered logging
  • Ensured that there is at least 25% of battery charge before allowing a platform upgrade to take place
  • Added in-situ demo mode support, and replaced event based playback with timed playback


16-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11083 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11079 :

  • Added a banner separator to the wifi software upgrade screen
  • Changed the default 4 box settings
  • Ensured that the Default POI icon appears at the start of the list


15-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11079 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11073 :

  • Strip the directory names from GPX files when displaying them in the folder list of the routes menu 
  • Added colour coded dots for the software update availability status 
  • Added retries if version information not available 
  • Added more translations


15-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11073 :

Changes from Release Version 3.0.11065 :

  • Check the free space on the SD Card before allowing a platform upgrade to proceed.
  • Various updates and bug fixes to device testing feature.
  • Add Local Pressure to the default 4-box LR cell.
  • Added more translations.