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Active 12 Version History

Software Version History For The Active 12

Changes in version 3

Build Beta Version 3.0.10994

  • Cumulative Bug fixes
  • User Interface improvements
  • Performance Improvements
  • Improved GPX support

Build Beta Version 3.0.10184

  • fixes Bluetooth communications with Wahoo heart rate monitors, upgraded to new firmware
  • shows filenames or internal names of the routes in the ROUTES MENU screen
  • corrects some errors in the German user interface
  • Some other, small bug fixes

Build Beta Version 3.0.10096

  • improves accuracy of the elevation, calculated from air pressure, to 10 cm
  • adds a new feature: GoTo point of interest (POI)
  • adds a new feature: hardware test
  • improves SD card reliability in cold weather
  • improves software reliability
  • corrections in the user interface

Build Beta Version 3.0.9937

  • adds a screen backlight boost duration setting in the Advanced Power Control settings
  • changes the backlight boost button function: now it acts as a quick backlight shift button working on a simple rotation: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 25%, 50%, etc.
  • changes the explanation wording in the altimeter manual calibration screen for the Map/GPS Elevation option to clarify the calibration algorithm
  • adds an option for the inverse priority of the map elevation over the GPS elevation for the barometric altimeter calibration
  • adds more data into the GPX track files: the average GPS signal-noise ratio, GPS filter accuracy, and local pressure
  • changes the convert-trail-to-track behaviour: now the tracks are saved always in the internal memory, even when the SD is ready for writing
  • organises new tracks in the Tracks folder

Release Version 3.0.9915

  • speeds up the map panning
  • organises new routes and points of interest (POI) in special directories
  • saves newly created route by default into the internal memory, not in the SD card
  • changes the power saving behaviour: the device will not hibernate or turn itself off when the trip log is active even if the automatic power saving time is expired
  • includes the voltage, and three types of elevation (from barometer, GPS, and maps) in GPX files
  • fixes the bug, which corrupted the value on the wheel circumference setting screen when non-metric units are selected

Changes in version 2

Build Beta Version 2.1.9809

  • Fixes a bug which truncated the elevation profile history when all points at the beginning of the graph are higher than the upper edge of the window in the GPS MAP / ELEV screen
  • Fixes a bug which caused a purple background to appear when switching to the elevation profile setting screen
  • Fixes a bug in the processing of an active route that intersects itself: the current GPS position should not jump unexpectedly near the intersection point
  • Reducing unnecessary computations on the active route: the software determines whether the active route is too distant(further than 2Km) to be considered a track; if so, it will reduce computations significantly, especially for an active route with a very high number of waypoints; this significantly reduces power consumption and processor usage, and improves application responsiveness
  • Setting Profiles has been moved to the top of the setting list in the SETTINGS MENU
  • Fixes a bug that stopped rendering data boxes after resetting all settings

Build Beta Version 2.1.9782

  • In the Go-To mode the elevation profile is updated every 8 seconds (improves responsiveness, and power consumption)
  • The elevation profile is not updated while zooming (improves responsiveness, and power consumption)

Build Beta Version 2.1.9777

  • The GPS application will restart automatically when you upgrade next time.

Build Beta Version 2.1.9770

  • Dynamic Elevation Profile View (when the 4 data box is shown, press the low left button to enable).
  • Will work in the following three modes:
  • if the Go To mode is enabled, it shows the elevation profile of the Go To line.
  • if a route is activated, it shows the route elevation profile.
  • if the track is enabled, it shows the track elevation profile.
  • User Setting Profiles (accessible from the Settings screen, if you select Setting Profiles near the bottom of the setting list). Set profiles with unique user settings.
  • The pressed button repeat time has been decreased from a half of second to a quarter of second in the text editor, which speeds up repetitive actions.
  • Small bugs fixed to prevent some possible crashes of the GPS application.
  • The button control options have been extended: in the Settings screen, select Button Control; Map Button Activation options are One Click (Hide), Two Clicks, One Click (Always Show).
  • The file size limit for GPX and TCX files has been removed. Users can now record activities without limiting the number of way-points.

Changes in Version 1

Build 9480

  • GPS Compass default from 3kph to 1kph, which makes the direction pointer display at lower speeds
  • Default screen-off-time from three minutes to 'always on'
  • Panning speed default from Medium to Very fast. Default button now works for the panning speed, previously using the Default button in the panning speed setting screen would have no effect
  • Trail Marker Size default from Medium to Large. Default button now works for trail marker size, previously using the default button in the screen data options screen would have no effect on trail marker size
  • Wheel Circumference value no longer lost when the device is turned off.
  • During an update most threads terminated to make it safer.
  • An extra decimal place added to the elevation data in .gpx and .tcx files (if non-zero)
  • When the elevation data source is from pressure and the trip log is running - the barometer poll interval set to one second automatically
  • Bug fix: whereby the GPS elevation recording erroneous values
  • The most recent, valid elevation, depending on the elevation data source, written to .gpx, and .tcx files
  • The most recent valid elevation used instead of the previous way-point elevation in the trail (.map file) because, when the trail is simplified, the recent way-points might be dropped; this should make the elevations in the .map file more accurate
  • Added Bluetooth initialisation and fault explanation texts in Bluetooth Settings screen
  • Default Setting: Power Control > Automatic Power Saving > Always ON
  • Default Setting: Volume Control > Beep Alert Count > Mute
  • Added the exclamation sign icon in the Main Menu, and Settings screens if the Bluetooth initialisation fails
  • Added the exclamation sign icon (after the Bluetooth icon, if it is present) in the banner if the Bluetooth initialisation fails
  • Hibernate function recovered if the Bluetooth initialisation fails
  • Power-off function recovered if the Bluetooth initialisation fails
  • Prohibit Infinite initialisation loops: If the Bluetooth initialisation fails, Bluetooth will be disabled, the unit will be operational, and will not consume 100% of the processor

Build 9444

  • Refreshing the device list automatically when turning Bluetooth “On” from the SHARED DATA screen.
  • Defaulting the User Name to “Active 12”. This is easily amended by users. Bluetooth is occasionally unhappy with zero length names.
  • Bug fix: a black screen after pressing Done or Back button or clicking down the joystick in the language selection screen.
  • Trip Log now defaults to “Off” rather than “On”.
  • Bug fix: whereby zero-length routes might be transferred via Bluetooth.
  • Add 2 new timers on Screen Off (On 30 sec – Off 2 min, and On 1 min – Off 3 min), as an aid to power conservation.
  • Add data box for Battery Voltage, to give more detail than the battery bars alone. N.B. cut-off voltage 3.25V.
  • Improved Kalman filter to reduce GPS noise when static.
  • Speed up panning function by not showing buttons on completion of a pan session.

Build 9367

  • Fixing a bug that generates inconsistent GPX files.
  • Fixing the bug which blocked passing the control to the list where the just fetched data item from Bluetooth resides; this happened when fetching the second or further item in the remote data item list.
  • Backlight boost duration increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Unified default value for backlight brightness so resetting settings now restores the default backlight brightness.
  • Metadata has been corrected.

Build 9357

  • Fixing bug that results in compass freezing.
  • POIs are now available via Bluetooth and enabling POI sharing.
  • Added average data options for the heart rate and cadence.
  • Adding two Use GPS Compass options to greater control.
  • TCX file behaviour same as GPX.
  • Power saving enhancement: backlight default has been lowered to 70%.
  • Deleting the erroneous condition, preventing the TCX file to be written correctly.
  • German translation update.
  • Fixing the bug that caused the info icon getting truncated briefly in GPS map mode when data boxes are toggled.
  • Spelling correction -- replacing Hpa with hPa.

Build 9333

  • Update to Languages.
  • Fixing the jumping text in the Map scale box when zooming.
  • Fixed wheel circumference units to mm in data entry screen.
  • Improved CSC readings where 0 was often given in cadence when wheel speed > 0.
  • Corrected Bluetooth state when resuming from hibernate.