A review of the Active 12 conducted by Trek & Mountain Magazine

Trek & Mountain Active 12 Review

Latest GPS device goes on sale

Satmap Systems have released the long-awaited successor to their popular Active 10 device. The Active 12 Mapping Sports GPS – to give it its full name offers a new (HVGA) hi-res screen, hi-res (66odpi) OS mapping, Bluetooth Sma’rt Connectivity for data sharing and using with sports peripherals, a barometric altimeter and enhanced software – all wrapped up inside the familiar body and operating system of the previous model.

Howard Dyson, MD for Satmap Systems commented:”The Active 12 represents a solid evolutionary step forward for this award»winning brand. These new features reinforce our belief that large format, hi-res quality mapping on a robust, feature-rich. but easy-to~use platform is highly valued by the serious users in the outdoor sports community”.

But what of these new features? Well the most obvious physical difference is its new screen, which Satmap describe as a ‘bright and crystal clear 3.Sinch LCD screen which is one of the largest in this sector, offering enhanced mapping clarity throughout the entire zoom range”. The HVGA format (480×320 pixels) yields twice the pixels of the previous QVGA format and the device can display the new 125k and l:50k hi-res 660 dots-per-inch mapping from Ordnance Survey which gives super-clear resolution with 6.75 times as many dots per square inch, versus their standard-res data. Combined with the new hi-res LCD screen, Satmap say this gives exceptional clarity and detail, even when zoomed right in on the OS l:2Sk scale mapping data.

Other features of the Active 12 include Bluetooth peer-to-peer wireless data sharing between Active 12 units, which will be followed later on by data share with smartphones and tablets. What can you use this for? Well, routes can be easily shared between Active 12 devices using the Bluetooth Classic band – users just flag their data as ‘shareable’. and these can then be ‘fetched’ by other Active l2s. directly into an ‘Imported Data’ folder.

The Active 12 also now includes a barometric altimeter, offering highly accurate pressure measurement, including both local and sea-level data, which also translates to high accuracy elevation measurements (i.e. altitude readings). Satmap say the normalised sea-level pressure allows the monitoring of macro weather trends over time.

Finally, there’s enhanced mapping options; new global. topographic open source mapping is now available for the Active 10/12 range available at the 1:25k scale. This data is processed by Satmap onto SD MapCards, and is available for standard titles as well as a worldwide custom mapping service. Future functionality. says Satmap, will include downloadable mapping.

Extracted from Trek & Mountain – April 2014 issue.  View Trek & Mountain April 14

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