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The Mountain Rescue Spine Challenger


Continuing our series of ordinary folk doing extra-ordinary things; Tim Budd has just completed the Mountain Rescue Spine Challenger. Tim is a member of the Glossop Mountain Rescue Team and was helped on his way by the Satmap Active12, please read his message below:


The Mountain Rescue Spine Challenger is run in parallel with the Spine Challenger, a 173km non-stop race from Edale to Hawes, entailing over 5000m of ascent and descent. Not only this, but it is run in January, with all the delights that the British weather holds for mid-winter racing.


enjoying it already
Enjoying it already

A GPS is an essential part of the required race kit. Not only does it have to be bombproof and accurate, but it needs to be easy to use in thick gloves and intuitive enough to understand when faced with overwhelming sleep deprivation. In the 33 hours it took me to finish this behemoth of a challenge I needed to know exactly where I was. Despite a number of reccys, and knowing my way across the hills as well as I could, it assisted me at times where I needed reassurance of the right direction to go in, and at 4 in the morning in a white out, the Satmap was there to guide me across featureless snowy terrain.

leaving skye

I’m not one to run to a GPS as soon as things go wrong, and I always teach map and compass reading as a matter of course. At that point, though, I needed something that worked and did exactly what it says on the tin.

The Satmap unit performed flawlessly. The time taken beforehand to work it out and understand its systems was invaluable. Would I use one again? Without question. Would I recommend getting one as a unit? Most definitely. To read the full blog from Tim about the Spine Race, please click hereoff penyghent20160110_171724

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