Launch of Active 12 GPS Device

Satmap Launches Active 12

Satmap Launches Active 12

The Ultimate Sports GPS – just got better.

Surrey, U.K. – 1st March 2014. Satmap Systems Ltd, manufacturer of the Active 10 GPS, is pleased to announce the launch of the Active 12 Mapping Sports GPS.

The Active 12 offers a new (HVGA) hi-res screen, hi-res (660dpi) OS mapping, Bluetooth Smart connectivity for data sharing and sports peripherals, along with a barometric altimeter and enhanced software, all based upon the tried and trusted, award winning platform of the earlier Active 10.

Howard Dyson, MD for Satmap Systems Ltd. commented: “The Active 12 represents a solid evolutionary step forward for this award winning brand. These new features reinforce our belief that large format, hi-res quality mapping on a robust, feature-rich, but easy-to-use platform is highly valued by the serious users in the outdoor sports community”.

Functions & Features

Large 3.5” Hi-Res Screen (HVGA). Bright and crystal clear, the new HVGA transmissive 3.5” LCD screen is one of the largest in this sector, offering enhanced mapping clarity throughout the entire zoom range. The HVGA format (480×320 pixels) yields twice the pixels of the previous QVGA format. User feedback reveals that a large, bright, clear display to be an essential feature of successful sports mapping GPS devices.

Hi-Res Ordnance Survey Mapping (660dpi). New 1:25k & 1:50k Hi-Res 660 dots per inch mapping from Ordnance Survey gives super-clear resolution with 6.75 times as many dots per square inch, versus their standard-res data. Combined with the new Hi-Res LCD screen, this gives exceptionally clarity and detail – even when zoomed right in on the OS 1:25k scale mapping data.

Bluetooth Smart – Data Sharing. Peer-to-Peer wireless data sharing between Active 12 units. Routes become easily shareable between Active 12 devices using the Bluetooth Classic band. Post launch this will be extended to other forms of metadata (POIs, Areas, Lines, etc.). Users flag their data as “shareable”, and these can then be “fetched” by other Active 12s, directly into an “Imported Data” folder.

Bluetooth Smart – Fitness sensor support. Now supporting Bluetooth “Smart” Low Energy (BTLE) Heart Rate Monitor, and cycle Speed/Cadence sensors. Data may be uploaded in the widely used TCX format. The Active 12 utilises standard Bluetooth LE profiles allowing any compliant Bluetooth brand of HRM, Sp/Cad sensor to be paired. Specifically designed for low energy consumption and flexibility, the BT Low Energy “Smart” devices are fast overtaking ANT+ enabled sports peripherals. Satmap aims to extend the Smart coverage to encompass a wide range of sports and health sensors.

Barometric Altimeter. Now fitted with a barometric altimeter for highly accurate pressure measurement, the Active 12 yields local and sea-level data, which also translates to high accuracy elevation measurements. Normalised “sea-level” pressure thus allows the monitoring of macro weather trends over time. Automatic and Manual calibration methods are available. Post launch, these features will be extended to yield “gradient” and “ascent/ decent” rates, along with some basic weather station functionality.

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