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Satmap in the Bolivian Amazon

Satmap in the Bolivian Amazon – 

In November 2015 Satmap provided TV safety expert Nick Parks with two Active 12 GPS devices for an expedition into the remote region of the Beni river deep in the Bolivian Amazon.


The aim of the scientific expedition was to track and capture Black Caiman, the least researched member of the  25 strong Crocodile family, to collect their DNA for the International crocodilian genomes project.


Navigating in the jungle is never easy, one bit of jungle looks exactly the same as another. Getting lost in the jungle is a remarkably easy thing to do and a serious one too. In such a hot and humid environment dehydration is a real concern, lose your way and running out of water can get you into big trouble very fast. Being able to plan routes, navigate accurately and know where everyone is in the jungle was an essential part of Nick’s job.


Satmap’s backroom wizards were able to provide mapping of the region enabling Nick to track the teams routes as they explored one of the most bio diverse regions on earth. Despite torrential tropical storms (and incessant mosquitoes!) the devices performed well.



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