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The Mountain Rescue Spine Challenger

  Continuing our series of ordinary folk doing extra-ordinary things; Tim Budd has just completed the Mountain Rescue Spine Challenger. Tim is a member of the Glossop Mountain Rescue Team and was helped on his way by the Satmap Active12, please read   +Read more

Satmap12 hilft den Johanniter in Schleswig-Flensberg

 Anke Oestreich mit Bloodhound Kika von der Schleswiger Rettungshundestaffel / Fotos: Nicole Lehr, Johanniter Unsere Satmap Active 12 GPS sind weltbekannt für Ihre Rolle als lebensnotwendige Geräte für Rettungsteams.   Die Johnanniter Hundesstaffel in Schleswig-Holstein benutzt unsere Geräte auf Ihre Einsätze um Vermisste   +Read more

Satmap Video Competition

We are looking for some great video content to upload to our website, and would really appreciate some help from our customers. Please send us your videos of you using your Active12, and the best one will win you your choice of   +Read more

Blackhead Beach, New Zealand

New Zealand: 3000km, on a mountain bike.

Tour Aotearoa 2016 (Tour website) Continuing our series of ordinary folk doing extra-ordinary things; Justin Dempsey is taking on the mighty Tour Aotearoa. A mere (!) 100km a day on a mountain bike for a full 30 days: New Zealand tip-to-toe. Here’s   +Read more

Anglesey Coast Path

Recently, long time customer Bob Dennis walked the Anglesey Coast Path, assisted of course by his Satmap GPS and Wales coast path map card. please read about his trip below and see some of the wonderful photo’s he managed to take. ANGLESEY   +Read more

Pyrenees Coast 2 Coast

Please read Bill’s article below about his charity ride across the Pyrenees. On July 13th I shall be landing in Biarritz with a pushbike in a cardboard box, reassembling it, and cycling from the beach at Biarritz through the heart of the   +Read more

Skiff Around Scotland

Frazer Macdonald Hay and Ian Baird from North Berwick Rowing Club, part of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association (SCRA), plan to row around the Scottish coast. Accompanying Frazer and Ian will be with an ever changing 5 person rowing crew of 4   +Read more

Chrome & Silverlight

Chrome & Silverlight

We have become aware of an issue with the latest version of Google Chrome where the Silverlight plug-in has failed to work when using Xpedition. We have identified this issue being due to Google disabling the Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI) and related   +Read more

Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Recently, Winter Mountain Leader Sean McGachie led 8 Toyota GB directors on a charity challenge to climb the 4 peaks in 48 hours. Please read below to hear from Sean about the challenge. Hello my name is Sean McGachie; I am a   +Read more

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