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About Active 20

The Active 20 is purpose built for the great outdoors, Offering unrivalled IP68 waterproofng, IK7 shock-proofng, very long battery life and dual touchscreen/button control. Maps are supplied on microSD cards that simply plug straight into the device, offering vast map coverage in a handy GPS. The large, bright, high resolution colour screen and detailed mapping options provide an excellent overview of your surrounding areas. Features include a 3-axix electronic compass, integrated barometric altimeter, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity, on board route planning and map orientation options.

What features does the Active 20 have?

The Active 20 has a wide feature set, which includes the below:

  • Dual Touchscreen/Button control
    • Touchscreen or buttons: you choose.
    • Buttons for thick gloves and really bad conditions.
    • Touch screen for speed, ease and flexibility. No other Outdoor GPS offers this flexibility
    • Our brightest HVG screen yet, for pin sharp map viewing
  • Wireless Connectivity
    • Bluetooth peer-to-peer route and POI sharing
    • WI-FI for data sync with Satmap Xpedition
    • Heart rate monitor compatible
    • Bike speed & cadence compatible
  • Rugged
    • IP68 Waterproof
    • IK7 Impact rating
  • Upgraded hardware
    • 1 GHz Processor
    • Connects to Galileo satellite system for stronger signal
  • Barometric Altimeter
    • Barometric altimeter f’or high accuracy pressure and elevation data
    • Height data from altimeter, GPS or map
  • Geocaching
    • Fully compatible with files
Full Technical specifications can be found here

What do I get with the Active 20 GB Bundle?

The Active 20 GB Edition Bundle includes the following:

  • Active 20 GPS
  • Map Card: Hi-Res Great Britain Ordnance Survey 1:50k
  • 10% off Map discount voucher (terms apply)
  • Access to Xpedition Premium for a 12 month FREE trial
  • 5000mAh LiPol Rechargeable Battery
  • Standard Carry Case and Lanyard
  • Wall Charger & Multi-Country Adapters
  • Car Charger
  • USB cable for data upload and recharging
  • Documentation including a Quick-start user guide.

The RRP of this bundle is £480, and is initially exclusive to Cotswold Outdoor stores 

What can I use the Active 20 for?

The Active 20 is purpose built for the outdoors and can be used for a wide range of activites, including hiking, cycling, mountain biking, geocaching and much more. The large colour high resolution Touchscreen and detailed mapping options provide an excellent overview of your surrounding areas. The conveneince of vast map coverage in a handy GPS, rather than carrying bulky paper maps, ensures the Active 20 becomes a vital aid for walking and exploring the outdoors.

Can I get the Active 20 GPS unit on its own?

Some customers already own the 1:50k GB map card, in those circumstances we can offer the Active 20 SOLO which includes all of the bundled accessories but no map card. We can also offer the Active 20 device only for those customers that also have all the accessories they require. Please email for more information and prices.

Will I be able to use a heart rate monitor with the Active 20?

Yes – Active 20 users can connect their device to a heart rate monitor (sold separately) via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Can I use speed and cadence devices with the Active 20?

Yes – Active 20 users can connect their device to a speed and cadence device (sold separately) via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Where can I buy the Active 20?

The Active 20 will initially be exclusive to Cotswold Outdoors.  More Info can be found on Cotswold’s website here

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