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Life-saving mission for MTB rider by Kinder MRT:

Sunday 17 May 2015 and the end of a successful day’s training exercise was drawing to a close for Kinder Mountain Rescue Team; the team had gathered around the Land Rover to debrief, when a call came in from NW Ambulance service…injured mountain biker at Ollersett Moor … no other information other than that they were unable to get to the casualty due to his location on the hillside.

The team members piled into their cars and converged on the closest road-head, 10 minutes’ drive away.

By now further information had come in – a possible severed femoral artery! An ambulance and Paramedics had arrived at the road-head but the casualty’s location was just under a mile away up a farm track and onto the hillside.

Team members set off rapidly on foot whilst the team’s Land Rover picked up one of the Paramedics and set off up the track after them.



The casualty, Shyamenda Purslow, was having a day out mountain biking with his friend. Tired, hungry and at the end of a long day, a moment’s in-attention had resulted in a short flight over the front of the bike. Unfortunately, as he went over the handlebars, they caught his leg and cut him, severing the femoral artery at the top of the thigh.

Two passing walkers had immediately assisted; recognising the severity of the injury one of them had applied firm pressure to the wound and stayed that way until the cavalry arrived, undoubtedly saving the young man’s life, whilst the other called the emergency services.

The Paramedic and Kinder team members, one a student Paramedic and another an Ambulance Technician, worked to stem the bleeding and stabilize Shyamenda whilst awaiting the arrival of the North West Air Ambulance. Eventually, he was ‘packaged up’ on a stretcher and ready for the short carry to the helicopter, before being rushed to hospital.

Shyamenda had lost a great deal of blood and was in a bad way on arrival at hospital; several weeks in the Intensive Care Unit followed. Such was the severity of the blood loss that Shyamenda had to re-learn simple daily tasks “From drinking and eating on my own to standing, sitting and walking. The most surprising was to learn how to breathe well enough to have the ventilator removed”.



11 months later, Shyamenda is well on the road to recovery, even training for a triathlon, and the team were delighted to welcome him back after a day’s training; “Visiting the team since I was discharged, brings the memories flooding back and leaves me at a loss for words”.

Shyamenda is now a member of the team’s Supporters Group, helping the team raise much-needed funds and, who knows, maybe one day soon he’ll be a team member?

He hasn’t yet been able to track down the passing walkers who played such a critical role in his treatment and very modestly left the scene but, significantly, a very simple piece of first aid knowledge saved a life that day. The final words must go to Shyamenda “The best I can think of at the moment, is to live a life worth saving and raise awareness of the incredible work that is being done”.


Satmap is a keen supporter of the outstanding work done by the UK Mountain Rescue Teams. For more information on Kinder MRT please click on the link, check out their Facebook page or Twitter feed at

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