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GMRT Spine Race Challenge 2017

2017 is a significant year for Glossop Mountain Rescue. It marks our 60th anniversary, from humble beginnings to the Team it is today.

This year is the second time the Mountain Rescue Spine Challenger event has been put on. A non-stop 108 Mile race from Edale to Hawes up the Pennine way. Glossop Mountain Rescue has been proud to be a part of the race both years, helping out with intermediate checkpoints, and also as competitors.

Both years, the racers have been obliged to carry GPS systems with them as part of the mandatory kit. GMRT would like to thank Satmap for loaning their GPS units to the GMRT competitors.

In 2016 as well as 2017, 3 members set off from Edale. Both years, a Glossop Team Member has won the trophy for being the first Mountain Rescuer to finish the challenge. In 2016, Tim Budd, Phil Shackleton and Patch Haley stepped up to the plate. Tim won in an overall time of 32 hours and 10 minutes, Phil battled on through 59 hours of bad weather and gruelling terrain to finish just inside the cut off. Patch pulled out 50 miles into the race and vowed to come back in 2017. The team supported the race at Reaps and at Cowling, but at the same time also had 2 callouts. We were not spread too thin, and were able to support and rescue at the same time.

This year, Alasdair Cowell, Matt Dooley and Patch once again stood at the start line. Matt unfortunately had to stop after 30 miles. Patch went on to finish in a superb time of 50 hours and 54 minutes, and Alasdair, who started at a pace considerably faster than the rest of the field, managed to hold onto his lead to win in 33 hours and 37 minutes. This year, again, the team, along with supporting the race had a callout – this time to rescue a racer who had injured themselves on Bleaklow. Once more, the team was able to meet its obligations and support and rescue at the same time.

So we have retained An excellent way to kick off proceedings in this, our 60th year of being a Mountain team.

2016 winner Tim Bud, 2017 winner Alasdair Cowell and fellow GMRT finisher Patrick Hayley

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