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The French Divide – Steve Heading – 2100 Km Mountain Bike – Across France – Unsupported

The French Divide is fast approaching – I successfully completed the inaugural event last year, and will be back at the start again in less than a month. 2100km of riding my mountain bike the length of France.

It’s rare to hear someone say they are fully prepared for such an event, but some preparation is needed. Apart from the usual ‘just riding my bike’ I’ve thrown in some longer rides over the last few months. A wet non-stop 10 hour road ride consisting of four loops from home – good to avoid the temptation to stop or call in home. The 350km Transpennine Trail, plus riding to the start and from the finish making it three days. Then some Pyrenean sunshine on the Pirinexus 360km gravel ride. Finally, the Yorkshire Dales 300km bikepacking event (plus the rides to and from). That’s going to be pretty much it for the body. I shall be relying on all the little tricks learnt through experience and old age to keep it functioning over the two weeks. The remaining preparation is bike, equipment and logistics. This can take longer than actually riding the bike, and is very easy to get bogged down in things that really don’t matter. Again, experience helps – knowing which equipment works. I will ride my trusted Whyte 29C, navigate using my Satmap Active 12 and wear my Polaris clothing. There will be a few tweaks from last year but not many – it will be these that waste the time!

Best get on with it….

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