Active 12 for Cyclists

Many road cyclists and mountain bikers rely on a Satmap GPS to guide them on their adventures, whether you occasionally cycle or are a keen rider you can benefit from taking your Active 12 with you.

The large high resolution Active 12 screen, combined with a Satmap map card, provides a clear view of your surroundings, offering detail such as road names, cycle routes, contours, cafes and much more. The data shown depends on the type of map card inserted, for Great Britain we have extremely reliable and accurate Ordnance Survey data at three scales or Satmap Adventure Mapping which is based on OpenStreetMap data but styled specifically for Satmap GPS devices. We also offer a wider range of international mapping, see our “Map” section of the website to browse our catalogue.

Before setting off you may wish to prepare a gpx file to load onto your device. Xpedition, our online route planner, enables you to plan ahead so that you can easily follow the route and not worry about taking a wrong turn. Both Satmap GPS devices have the option to show your current position low on the map screen with the trail up, this has been specifically designed so that you can see ahead, while moving at speed.

Satmap GPS devices can be easily mounted onto handlebars or crossbars using our Satmap Bike Mount. The mount has a flexible fabric strap, which means that it fits snugly, regardless of the handlebar thickness. You can learn how to fit that here.

It is also possible to connect your Active 12 to a Speed and Cadence Device or a Heart Rate Monitor. We offer popular Wahoo products that connect easily to the Active 12 via Bluetooth, the data boxes on your device can be customised to display the statistics on screen so that you are always aware of your heart rate or cycling speed. Use the trip log to record your stats and they will be saved in a handy TCX file format that can be viewed later!

If you have any questions about using your Satmap GPS for cycling please contact us.

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