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A Little Adventure …

Little adventure and test of sleeping bag and different equipment after-work on the local mountain …


(Satmap’s Swiss distributor, Bamidele from trailshop.ch is out testing gear)


We do not have to travel far for a short adventure trip, that gives us power in our hearts for the rest of the week.

Unfortunately, this time I have to go alone, testing a -23-sleeping bag.



At 7 Pm we close our store and I pack all the stuff. As I’m already quite experienced, this doesn’t take very long. I refrain from taking something to eat with me, so Regula prepares a little meal which we enjoy together – it will take me some hours and effort to arrive where I intend to sleep.

 At 8.30 pm I leave with my Fatbike, pedalling up first on a paved road for 400-meter altitude, later it starts to be snowy for another 200-meter altitude. Then I leave to a path, which is very difficult to bike up with all that snow, despite of 4,8-inch tyres. So, I have to push up the bike another 600-meter altitude.

At least I can bike the last 2 km and 200-meter altitude quite easy.

 So, arriving at 11 on my place, I measure -18 degrees. Wind and snowfall, makes it worse and I have to do everything very fast. 10 minutes later I cuddle into the sleeping bag, watch the stars for some minutes and then fall in a very good sleep.


I’ve almost overslept, but then got up a little sleepy. The sleep has gone very fast, once outside of the cosy sleeping bag, at -20 degrees, and still very windy. The breath-taking view also helps to wake up.


I stuffed everything into the extra big backpack and cycled up to the point where I can bike down on a very nice track. I’m the first one this morning and leave a strange track – the ones knowing me will laugh and recognize it as mine, others will think, that mountain bikes should be forbidden at least in winter time.


After an absolutely superb downhill with one unwanted jump into the deepness of the snow I arrive just in time at 8 am for another working day.

Prepared for anything, with one more little adventure in my heart.




Switzerland, March 2018


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