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Everest Base Camp

I’m Lynne Darley, Office Manager at Satmap Systems Ltd since 2008. We are an outdoor company and I love the outdoors. Having completed the Inca Trail 18 months ago, I thought a greater challenge would be to attempt Everest Base Camp, a   +Read more

A Bicycle Trip to Kyrgyzstan, July 2017

I (Vadim Timka) have long dreamed of a real mountain bike trip … In 2013, I had cancelled a trip to Armenia, where I planned to cross the Spitakasar pass (3200 m), and it was very disappointing to me. The bike trip   +Read more

GPS Machu-Picchu

The Inca Trail to Macho Picchu …

Lynne – our Satmap officer manager – heads off to the mountains … For my milestone birthday instead of being offered a sedentary spa weekend or a week lazing in the sun, I was given the incredible opportunity of either trekking the Inca   +Read more

A Little Adventure …

Little adventure and test of sleeping bag and different equipment after-work on the local mountain …   (Satmap’s Swiss distributor, Bamidele from is out testing gear)   We do not have to travel far for a short adventure trip, that gives   +Read more

Satmap visits Killarney Mountain Festival

    Visiting Killarney brought me back to our Satmap roots – “Dare to Explore”, getting out there, finding new people and new places. Killarney is definitely a place to have on your bucket list if you like visiting beautiful places. Straightforward   +Read more

Trip back To Morocco and the Atlas mountains!

Just back from our trip to the mountains of Morocco. It’s nearly thirty years since I last mountain biked there. Some things were just as I remembered, others changed. The donkey tracks to the mountain villages still had some superb riding (and   +Read more

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