• Netherlands Premium Map 1:25k & 1:50k

  • Netherlands Premium Map 1:25k & 1:50k

  • Netherlands Premium Map 1:25k & 1:50k

  • Netherlands Premium Map 1:25k & 1:50k

  • Netherlands Premium Map 1:25k & 1:50k

Netherlands Premium Map 1:25k & 1:50k


sku: MAP-NL-PREM-01

Availability: In stock


Key Features

  • Toggleable Mapping Feature
  • Multi-format MapCard


Map Scale

  • 1:25k
  • 1:50k
  • 1:100k


Map Format

  • Satmap Adventure MapCard
  • Netherlands - Kadaster



Quick Overview

Satmap map card covering the whole of Netherlands using 1:25k & 1:50k Kadaster map data and our Satmap Adventure topographical maps

Product Description

We have just released a new map of the whole Netherlands using our Satmap Adventure mapping and Netherlands Kadaster map data.

If you are going on a trip to Netherlands this year then this new Premium map card for the whole of Netherlands is a must, as it covers a wide range of topographical information from local and National cycling routes, to local footpaths and National walking routes.

To find out what features are included in the Adventure Map please click here.

This map card contains the whole of Netherlands using Satmap Adventure topographical maps and Kadaster data at the scales below -

• Topographical Adventure map 1:25k, 1:50k & 1:100k
• Topographical Kadaster 1:25k
• Topographical Kadaster 1:50k
• Topographical Kadaster 1:200k

We have also made this map card toggelable, unlike other Satmap Adventure maps. This makes it easy to toggle between each data provider.

Further Information

Below are some relevant linked articles from our knowledge centre that you might find useful.

What is Satmap Adventure Layer?

This new mapping layer is exclusive to Satmap and designed specifically for our user’s needs featuring main street names, walking and cycling routes, hilltop names, contours and much more. More information on what data is supplied on the Satmap Adventure map cards can be found on the maps legend

What is The Adventure Layers Legend?

The brand new Satmap Adventure Layer has a new legend for it too, which you can view for yourself right here

Maps © Thunderforest www.thunderforest.com
Data © contributors OpenStreetMap www.openstreetmap.org/copyright


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