• Swiss Singletrail Map

  • Swiss Singletrail Map

Swiss Singletrail Map

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Key Features

  • Toggleable Mapping


Map Scale

  • 1:50k
  • 1:200k


Map Format

  • Swiss Topo



Quick Overview

Satmap map card covering Swiss Bike Trail (1:50k)

Product Description

Digital maps contained:

Topographical Swisstopo 1:50,000 of whole of Switzerland with no overlay data
Layer showing the Swiss Singletrail Map data on the 1:50,000 Swisstopo map of Switzerland
Base Mapping: Swisstopo 1:200,000 of the whole of Switzerland
Base Mapping: Collins Bartholomew Limited 1:1 million road map of Europe

Format: SD Card Only. Toggleable.

The Swiss Singletrail Map offers cyclists a fun, healthy and safe way of exploring and enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Swiss landscape by bike. Satmap has partnered with Swiss Sports Publishing to produce a digital map of Switzerland highlighting bike trails and other useful data across the whole of Switzerland, suitable for cyclists, from beginners to advanced users. This map includes a complete topographical Swisstopo map of Switzerland at 1:50,000 (which can be viewed on its own for other sports), as well as an overlay of selected bike trails and other useful route data provided by Swiss Sports Publishing (especially for cyclists). It is possible to “toggle” between one layer of mapping and the next (i.e. showing the bike trail overlay data or not). The overlay information includes:

Cycle trails and the type of track: singletrail (dotted line), doubletrack (dashed line) and road (solid line)
Cycle trails graded by level of difficulty: easy/beginners (blue line), moderate/intermediate (red line) and difficult/expert (black line)
POI overlays show: areas where bikes are forbidden, areas where there are many hikers, the location of bike shops, hospitals and railway stations, and the location of funicular railways for uplift on to the mountains.

A map key for the above trail data is included digitally on the SD card and as a paper insert in the box, both in English and in German.

Toggleable Map

This map is toggleable. Toggling is a feature available on version 1.4 of our platform software (downloadable for free from our software page). You must have version 1.4 or later in order for this map to work. Toggling allows the user to flick between two map scales or map types of the same area. In this case, you can view the topographical Swisstopo 1:50,000 map of Switzerland exactly as you would view the paper map (with no added Swiss Singletrail Map data) and at the flick of a switch, you can then view exactly the same area of the topographical Swisstopo 1:50,000 map with all of the Swiss Singletrail Map data (trails and useful information) visible on the map. In order to toggle a map (flick between the two types) you must press the “toggle sign” which will be showing as bold and seamlessly flick from map to map.

About Swiss Sports Publishing

Swiss Sports Publishing is a mountain bike specialist company headquartered in the Swiss mountains. It produces leading print and online cycling publications and mountain biking and snowshoeing routes and information. More information can be found on Swiss Sports Publishing (in German) at: www.sports-publishing.ch and on the Swiss Singletrail Map at: www.singletrailmap.ch


This map is produced in association with Swisstopo (provider of the topographical map data) and Swiss Sports Publishing (provider of the Swiss Singletrail Map data). Satmap Systems accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or safety of the Swiss Singletrail Map or data highlighted on this map.

Further Information

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Mountain Ranges Posted on Tue 14th Jul 2015
Awesome It includes the whole map of Switzerland with toggleable hundrets of mountainbike trails!

Super für den Preis, ich habe in der Schweiz vor 3 Jahren noch fast 500 Fr bezahlt! (Ist aber auch diesen Preis wert gewesen)

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