• AZ Greater London 1:14K

AZ Greater London 1:14K

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Satmap map card covering Greater London (AZ 1:14k)

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This map contains the famous A-Z mapping at a scale of 14k, allowing for greater accuracy and visibility through the streets of Greater London. All the area within the M25 is covered in this colorful and descriptive map.This map card contains:Digital A-Z 1:14,000

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Map Scales Explained

When choosing a map card it’s important to choose the right scale for your needs. While all our maps look good on both the Active 10 and Active 12, they are used for different purposes.

AZ Information

AZ (also known as A-Z) are a mapping company who publish maps in the UK, and are best known for producing maps showing the street plans of towns and cities (Though they do produce other scales and types of map, our only current AZ map is a 1:14k scale of Greater London. If you’d like to see other A-Z maps on the Active 10/12, please get in touch).


Great Britain Posted on Mon 19th Jun 2017
I bought on of these about 4 years ago.
It is a good quality map with cycle paths etc but the trouble is you cannot use a street map without an index; if this had one it would be perfect.
I augment its use with the paper map equivalent, which is easy to look up roads via the index.

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