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Ordnance Survey Information

Who are Ordnance Survey?

Ordnance Survey (OS) are the UK’s national mapping agency, they keep records of every geographic feature in Great Britain. Founded in 1791, OS have extensive experience in producing and providing accurate and reliable mapping data.

Ordnance Survey branches also cover Ireland (OSI: Ordnance Survey Ireland) and Northern Ireland (OSNI: Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland).

What type of data do they provide?

We currently have Ordnance Survey data at 1:10k street view, 1:25k and 1:50k scales, covering various areas of GB. Our pre-loaded 1:250k GB base mapping is also provided by Ordnance Survey

Who is it used by?

Being the national mapping agency for Great Britain, Ordnance Survey is used by a large number of organisations and individuals, ranging from military groups to hikers and cyclists.

What is it used for?

The variety of OS data available make the possible uses wide - for a number of different activities from cycling, to hiking, to running and camping. OS maps can be used for a wide number of activities, due to the range of scales and the ability to cover everywhere in Great Britain, some example activities to use these map cards for include hiking, cycling, running and camping.

What makes OS different from other maps?

Ordnance Survey are constantly validating their data so it is very accurate. OS 1:50k and 1:25k map data is now provided in high resolution (600dpi) which makes it the mapping of choice for people wanting clear accurate map data. Where possible all of our Ordnance Survey maps are supplied in high resolution (660dpi)

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