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Why a HARVEY Map?

Who are Harvey & What type of data do they provide?

Harvey are a UK mapping company geared towards providing maps in rural areas, with maps specifically for both cyclists and walkers, to make the experience for those users as tailored as possible. Made by walkers, for walkers all of HARVEY'S maps are made with you, the user, in mind. The ground is field checked by their enthusiastic team of surveyors so you can be sure that what you see on the map exists in the real world!

Who is it used by?

We have two types of Harvey maps available currently, the British Mountain Map and the Superwalker series. The majority of these maps are the original Harvey style, aimed towards walking and hiking. The Symbols are easy to understand - bright colours help you distinguish forest, farmland, marshy ground and others. Rights of Way information give you confidence in where you can walk and the National Grid enables you to use your map with your GPS device. We also have stock of many of HARVEY'S paper map catalogue - HARVEY make these maps on waterproof paper so rain won't spoil your plans. The map is light, slim and supple when folded to fit easily into your pocket. All the paper maps are waterproof as standard. When you see XT40 or XT25 on the front of their maps, you know they are printed on the latest technology available and will withstand all the weather you can throw at them! Sensible map coverage The HARVEY map covers a geographic area, so most often your whole walk is on one sheet.

HARVEY'S philosophy

Harvey is different from most other providers because they cater their maps to walkers, with separate maps catered to cyclists. This specialization allows for a pleasant user experience, with a map that is very fit for purpose. Walking for pleasure is a glorious activity enjoyed by people of all ages. It is relaxing and good for the spirits and is now recognised as one way people can keep healthy and active throughout a long and satisfying life. It is the map that opens the door to exploration of new places enabling people to find enjoyment in fresh views, different countryside and interesting wildlife. They set up the company in 1977 to produce maps that would give people the freedom to enjoy walking and running in open spaces. From the beginning they sought to make their maps clear and easy to read. HARVEY passionately believe a map should be an aid, not a challenge. Given British weather, they also said from the start that the paper maps must be waterproof if they are to be used outdoors. They think it vital that their maps are detailed, so users can find their way confidently. To be reliable they also need to be up-to-date. To achieve these aims they construct their maps from original air surveys. That way they can spend extra time on the contours, for example, and leave off things you don't need when you are using the map outdoors - so no parish boundaries. For HARVEY, mapmaking is an art as much as a science. Their skilled team of cartographers concentrates on making each map pleasing to the eye, but above all serviceable and reliable. This focus on practical use has been recognised over the years by 9 awards for quality and innovation. HARVEY are constantly on the lookout for ever better materials to print on, new ways to show the information, and handier ways to fold the paper map sheets. Users tell us that HARVEY maps are the best in the field when it comes to navigating in the hills. This is their aim. We invite you to try them for yourself and we hope you will join their fan club!


2014 Stanfords Award for Printed Mapping in association with the British Cartographic Society BA Award of Excellence for Services to the Holiday & Leisure Industry 2009

International Map Trade Association, Best Folded Map 2007 of Snowdonia

Outdoor Writers Guild Golden Eagle Award 2006

International Map Trade Association, Best Folded Map 2004 - Pennine Bridleway South

International Map Trade Association, Best Map 2002

International Map Trade Association award, Best Published Map 1999

1995 Outdoor Writers Guild Golden Boot Award - HARVEY Superwalker of Ben Nevis

1995 British Cartographic Society Design Award - HARVEY Walker's Map of Cairn Gorm

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