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posted this on 3 Feb 2017

Who are Spain Alpina & What type of data do they provide?

Spain Alpina is a Spanish mapping provider, providing mapping for 7 of our maps, 6 of which have 1:25k layer. We also sell a 100k Aplina map, which covers the whole of Mallorca and a 50k Alpina map that covers the whole of Menorca. The 5 Alpina maps all have slightly mixed scales, but all include 25k data.

Who is it used by?

Spain Alpina maps are useful for most outdoor activities, due to the versatility of the 1:25k scale, though most of our Spanish maps are mountainous, making these maps ideal for hiking, cycling or hill walking. The covered areas include The Central System (Sistema Central) and the Pyrenees (Pirineo Catalán Y Andorra) amongst several others, with one range per map card typically.

What makes Spain Alpina maps different from other maps?

Spain Alpina, much like Spain IGN, is different for covering Spain, being one of very few mapping providers in Spain.

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