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posted this on 3 Feb 2017

Who are OCM & What type of data do they provide?

OCM (OpenCycleMap) is a map developed for cyclists, using data provided by OSM (OpenStreetMap). These maps include key information for cyclists such as national, regional and local routes, as well as cyclepaths and footpaths. OCM is able to cover a lot of different areas due to using OSM data. OCM (and OSM data) is used by a huge number of third-parties due to its reliability and constant updates.

Currently we have OCM maps in Africa, Asia, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

Who is it used by?

As the name suggests, OpenCycleMap maps are designed for use by cyclists. OCM show both national and regional cycle routes, as well as local cycle networks and cyclepaths.

What makes OCM maps different from other maps?

OCM is specifically geared towards cyclists, and cyclists benefit the most from these maps. While many of our maps are geared towards walkers, or are designed neutrally to be useful to a range of people, these maps understand what cyclists need and deliver accordingly.

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