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posted this on 3 Feb 2017

Who are Kadaster & What type of data do they provide?

Kadaster are a Dutch governmental organisation who produces mapping data for the Netherlands. One of Kadaster’s purposes is to provide high quality and accurate data such as mapping. We take advantage of this to produce map cards covering the entire Netherlands – currently we have map cards covering the whole of the Netherlands at 1:50k, the south of the Netherlands at 1:25k, and the north at 1:25k

Who is it used by?

Kadaster maps are useful for a wide range of activities, with no specific aim or focus, though the Netherlands are famous for hiking and cycling, so those activities are certainly catered for.

What makes Kadaster different from other maps?

Kadaster is covers the Netherlands, unlike our other maps, making Kadaster maps our go-to when it comes to travel or sport in the Netherlands.

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