I don't want to keep swapping map cards out - can I put my two maps onto one SD card?

posted this on 9 Feb 2017

Putting multiple maps onto a single SD card is possible in some cases. There are two methods of doing this: Two maps of the same area can be put into a toggleable map which allows switching between the two different scales/styles easily. The second method is to put two different areas on the same map card, essentially expanding the area covered by the map, this is known as map consolidation. In both cases it requires the combined size of both maps to be smaller than 32GB - this is fine for most of our maps, however some (Eg Platinum Whole) cannot be consolidated. We recommend contacting us before ordering the map consolidation or toggleable map service to make sure that we're able to consolidate your map (or make it toggleable!).

Categories: Mapping

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