Finding your OS Grid Reference

posted this on 9 Feb 2017

OS (Ordnance Survey) Grid References are widely used in the UK for locating points on a map. Satmap Active 10 and Active 12 devices display a grid reference in numerous places.

The default grid reference is OS GB but this can be changed in the Settings Menu under “GPS Settings”. If you are using a different type of position display format, this will show in these locations instead.

When viewing the map on the GPS Map screen the quickest way to find your current grid reference is to centre press the joystick (or press the front right button). This will display the "Position info" menu. The “Position Info” menu displays your current grid reference in the top left data box. Note that the grid reference shown here is based on the location of your cursor, therefore using the “Position Info” option while in Planning mode won't show your exact location, only the location of your cursor..

When in GPS Map mode the bottom left side button can be pressed to circle through the data boxes. The default settings show grid reference on the bottom right data box (when displaying 4 data boxes).

The grid reference data box also appears in Planning mode, when moving the cursor around the screen a data box will appear, this will display the Grid Reference for whatever position the cursor is currently on.

To customise the data boxes simply amend the data box layout in the Settings Menu.

Another place to find your current grid reference is on the "GPS Status" menu, the large string of numbers and letters (following a format such as “TQ 15976 57188”) shown beneath “Location (last known)” at the top of the screen.

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