Can I use any maps on the Satmap GPS device?

Howard Dyson posted this on 2 Feb 2017

The only maps you can use with our devices are those supplied by Satmap - there are a number of reasons for this including data licencing, security and map display performance. Similarly, our maps cannot be used with other devices. National mapping providers generally require a high level of security for their data when resold by companies such as ourselves.

The mapping on the Satmap MapCards is locked to those SD cards. Whilst data can be copied off the SD card for back-up purposes, it is not in a format that will run on any other platform. However, for large screen map viewing purposes, Xpedition2 is available for route and POI planning. Free and Premium levels of subscription are available which gives access to a wide range of online topographical National mapping. GPX files can be freely stored, uploaded and downloaded from Xpedition.

Categories: Mapping

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