Can I store Routes on my Map Card?
2 Feb 2017

Map cards can be used to store routes if there's enough spare room on the map card - the average map card has around 200MB of spare storage, though some may have much more space. With this space (200MB+) we estimate that there shouldn't be any problems with a few hundred routes per map card, howe......

Can I use any maps on the Satmap GPS device?
Howard Dyson 2 Feb 2017

The only maps you can use with our devices are those supplied by Satmap - there are a number of reasons for this including data licencing, security and map display performance. Similarly, our maps cannot be used with other devices. National mapping providers generally require a high level of secu......

What is a Site Centred map?
2 Feb 2017

For customers who want non-standard map areas, this bespoke service provides a map card centred on a postcode, town, village, place, grid or long/lat coordinate of your choice. Site centred maps are compatible with both the Active 10 and 12. Available in selected countries: United Kingdom, Austri......

Do you offer custom maps?
2 Feb 2017

We offer some custom mapping options, they are as follows:...

Which maps are available in High-Resolution?
2 Feb 2017

We will produce as much of our catalogue in Hi-Resolution as possible. Maps now available in High-Resolution are:...

Are High-Resolution maps more expensive?
2 Feb 2017

<p>No, High-Resolution data doesn't cost us any more so we won't be increasing our prices of these maps.</p>...

How do I know which maps are High-Resolution?
2 Feb 2017

All of these maps will be automatically supplied in High-Resolution: All Great Britain Ordnance Survey 1:50k and 1:25k maps, Ordnance Survey Ireland 1:50k, Germany LVA 1:25k and 1:50k. All High-Resolution maps will have the HR logo printed on them....

Do I need to specify that I would like a High-Resolution map?
2 Feb 2017

No, if you purchase any of the maps available in High-Resolution a High-Resolution copy will automatically be supplied....

*** Will I benefit from purchasing High-Resolution maps for my Active 10?
Howard Dyson 2 Feb 2017

There will be a noticeable difference in clarity if replacing your existing (standard res) maps with hi-resolution data, even when using the Active 10....

What is the difference between HD mapping and Hi-Res mapping?
2 Feb 2017

There is no difference, some mapping providers have chosen to call this data HD, some have chosen to call it High-Resolution. HD usually refers to moving images whereas High-Resolution usually refers to still images. We have chosen to use the term High-Resolution as this is a more accurate term....

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