What does an Xpedition premium account get me?

Howard Dyson posted this on 9 Feb 2017

The premium version of Xpedition costs £20 per year, and includes all of the free account features, and those listed below:

    • High Resolution Ordnance Survey 25k and 50k data
      • Plan routes using High Resolution Ordnance Survey 25k and 50k data for the Whole of Great Britain
    • Automatic Map Selection
      • Xpedition will select the map that best matches your current zoom level. Different zoom levels show different map. This can be changed in the drop down list.
    • Snap to Track:
      • Waypoints are moved to follow track networks.
    • Snap to Bike:
      • Waypoints are moved to follow cycle networks.
    • Snap to Road:
      • Waypoints are moved to follow road networks.
    • Create POIs:
      • POIs can be marked anywhere on a route or map.
    • Elevation Profile:
      • This shows a detailed elevation profile, which includes relevant route planning stats. This can be set to show automatically in the settings.
    • Route Card:
      • The route card shows relevant data for each waypoint
    • Location Search:
      • Search for almost anything by name, you can also set a POI to that place.
    • Import Files:
      • Import other route files, any GPX format files can be uploaded.
    • International Mapping:
      • We have maps covering the entire world, so you can plan any adventure here – and Xpedition is even currently available in 2 languages (English and German).

The free account features are also viewable on our knowledge base article "What does an Xpedition free account get me?"

Whilst both Free and Premium Xpedition accounts include mapping for the whole world, an Xpedition Premium account has access to 16 different mapping providers whilst Free accounts can only use 3 different providers.

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