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Howard Dyson posted this on 9 Feb 2017

Who are AZ & What type of data do they provide?

AZ (also known as A-Z) are a mapping company who publish maps in the UK, and are best known for producing maps showing the street plans of towns and cities (Though they do produce other scales and types of map, our only current AZ map is a 1:14k scale of Greater London. If you’d like to see other A-Z maps on the Active 10/12, please get in touch).

Who is it used by?

AZ maps are designed for cycling and walking around London, with the street naming designed for making travel in the city much easier than normal. The 1:14k map is very accurate, and streets are labelled, making this ideal for both city walking and sightseeing.

AZ maps are designed for cycling and walking around London, with every street being named aiding in travelling. AZ maps are valuable for almost any activity which benefits from street names, and the famous A-Z London map have even been used by people studying for the London black cab certification.

What makes AZ different from other maps?

AZ are different to the majority of other maps by specialising in large scale maps over a small area, designed with tourists and people exploring cities in mind, particularly London – the A-Z map that we stock is famous for this very reason.

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