Additional Recommended Setting for all Activities

posted this on 9 Feb 2017

Below are the recommended settings for using your Active 10 or Active 12 GPS device during regular use. We find that the below settings provide a much longer battery life than the default settings.

  • Main menu > settings > backlight > ’top left hand button should display “Activate Red Filter” next to it. This indicates the normal mode is on.
  • Main menu > settings > elevation > elevation data source > "elevation from pressure” > Altimeter calibration method > Auto (unless already known in which case set to manual and set elevation) > Auto Recalibrate frequency > 8 Hours. We recommend calibrating the altimeter before every major event.
    The elevation from pressure option is for Active 12s only, for Active 10s we recommend using the elevation from maps setting
  • Main menu > settings > compass settings > grid magnetic angle>"automatic"
  • Main menu > settings > calibrate compass > “start” – we recommend calibrating the compass before every major event.
  • When British Summer Time use this setting: Main menu > settings > time offset > "plus 1 hour"

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