Active 20 New Search Feature Guide

Phil Ashby posted this on 20 Dec 2017

The new search feature included in release 3.11.620 for the Active 20 allows the user to search on their device for POIs and Routes. In addition to this, the user can install search databases for Towns and Cities, Roads and Streets, Post Codes, Hills and Mountains, etc. These databases can be installed via SatSYNC, or over Wi-Fi on the device. Once it is installed, it is recommended to bear in mind the following tips to make the feature more useful :-

  • The more information you provide, the better the search results will be
  • The search process will search for words beginning with the letters that you provide. Eg searching for FORD will find FORDHAM, but not WOODFORD
  • If you are searching for something with multiple words, try to provide the start of as many words as you can. Eg If searching for CARN BAN MOR WEST TOP, searching for CAR BAN will be better than searching for CARN; CAR BAN WES will be even better
  • The icons enable you to narrow down the search, results will be more successful (and quicker) if you only select the relevant icons
  • In order to not clutter up your internal data, it is advised to install the databases onto SD Card. For example, if you have Swiss maps, then install the Swiss databases there, unless you will always want this data to be available.
Please see guide below on how to use the search feature

Image 1 - Make sure you select at least one icon from the 6 options available i.e hills, roads etc

Image 2 - Use the Keypad to Search and then select Done

Image 3 - Select and hold or select and push d-pad in on the desired text i.e as shown below Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa, Gwy...

Image 4 - Map should then open on desired location


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