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Howard Dyson posted this on 29 Mar 2018



RenderSo - what happens when you have a complicated route on an outdoor GPS ?

By complicated route - we mean one that crosses over itself a number of times.

Not all GPS devices have turn-by-turn for tracks and trails - so an easy & simple visual clue would be really helpful.

 A single route colour can make it difficult to know exactly which way to turn at a multi-exit junction.

Satmap has cracked this issue with the use of coloured route rendering. This makes it easy to identify the right route. In the example left, the immediate route ahead of the user ("Highlighted Route") is colored red, and this fades back to the "Normal Route" colour of blue over a distance defined by the user.

Red dots on the Route Map indicate "Control Points" where the route created using the Snap-to-Route feature (i.e. visible route points)









To try out this new feature you'll need to download the latest Beta software onto your Active 20 (v3.11.936 or higher).

In SETTINGS, find "Option 23. Route Rendering"

This will display a screen similar to the image left.

Press on any of the colour boxes to choose from the standard colour palette, for each of the route elements.

"Normal Route Colour" is the standard colour for the whole route ahead, apart from the Hightlighted section. 

"Completed Route Colour" is the section of route behind you that you have aleady completed.

"Highlighted Route Colour" is the section of route ahead of you which has been specially coloured to make it easy to see your way through junctions with over-lapping routes.

"Fading" tick box makes the Highlighted route colour fade to the Normal route colour over the distance specified in the boxes. Depending on the type of your activity and your speed, you can adjust these values to suit your preferences.

"Show Waypoints" does just that. To keep the map de-cluttered you may like to keep this turned off. To see more detail - keep it turned on.


















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