Why does Satmap use the '.map' file format?

posted this on 9 Feb 2017

When a GPX route file is 'Imported' into SatSYNC, the SatSYNC software automatically converts the GPX format into '.map' file. When a '.map' file is 'Exported' it is converted back into a GPX file. (Please note: this conversation does not occur when a file is 'Copied'.) We utilise '.map' as a format because we have found that different providers of GPX routes have different implementations of the GPX standard, so we need to translate all GPX files into a common format that can be read by the Active 10 i.e. the '.map' format. As there are so many different providers of GPX routes, Satmap cannot possibly be compatible with all of them, however SatSYNC does work with many of the leading providers of GPX routes.

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