What is the difference between Routes, Trails and Tracks?

posted this on 2 Feb 2017

Satmap defines these as follows:

  • Trail:
    • Also known as a 'snail trail' or a 'crumb trail' this is literally a record of the route you have taken. It appears on the screen as a series of red dots. The statistical data relating to this Trail (e.g. time, speed, distance etc.) appears on the unit as the Trip Log.
  • Route:
    • This is a line superimposed on the map showing your intended line of travel i.e. your planned Route. You can plan this Route on the unit itself or using PC based systems such as the Satmap Online Route Planner.
  • Track:
    • When you have completed a walk, you have a record of this on the device (i.e. the Trail). If you wish to keep this to share with others or use again, you need to 'Convert Trail To Track'. This saves it as a Track, laying down waypoints using the onboard logic of the computer based on the angle of deviation from a straight line. These waypoints therefore may not necessarily correspond to locations that you (as a human) would have selected based on usual route planning methodologies. So when you have made your Track, you should use the 'Edit' function to ensure you move the waypoints to positions more appropriate - and of course name it as needed. We therefore call this a Track in order to draw attention to the fact that this is a route that will need amending before use.
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